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  ITSOL v. 2.0:   ITERATIVE SOLVERS package  

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ITSOL ITSOL is a library of iterative solvers for general sparse linear systems of equations. ITSOL can be viewed as an extension of the itsol module in SPARSKIT. It is written in C and offers a selection of recently developed preconditioners. The preconditioner suite includes:
  • ILUK (ILU preconditioner with level of fill)
  • ILUT (ILU preconditioner with threshold)
  • ILUC (Crout version of ILUT)
  • VBILUK (variable block preconditioner with level of fill - with automatic block detection)
  • VBILUT (variable block preconditioner with threshold - with automatic block detection)
  • ARMS (Algebraic Recursive Multilevel Solvers -- includes actually several methods - In particular the standard ARMS and the ddPQ version which uses nonsymmetric permutations).
Note that ITSOL is a scalar package. You may find parallel implentations of some of the preconditioners listed above in pARMS .





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