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pARMS pARMS is a library of parallel solvers for distributed sparse linear systems of equations. It is based on a preconditioned Krylov subspace approach, using a domain decomposition viewpoint. The plural in "Solvers" is due to the fact that pARMS offers a large selection of preconditioners for distributed sparse linear systems and a few of the best known accelerators.
The basic methodology used relies on a Recursive Multi-level ILU factorization wich allows to develop many of the standard domain-decomposition type iterative solvers in a single framework. For example, the standard Schwarz procedures are included as are a number of Schur complement techniques.
pARMS resulted from a team effort that spanned several years. It really began in around 1993/1994 with the development of its FORTRAN predecessor called PSPARSLIB [developer: Y. Saad]. In 1999-2000 Brian Suchomel developed the sequential version of ARMS. Zhongze Li developed the first version of the parallel ARMS in around 2000-2001. Note that there are two codes posted. Version 2.2 is the older, original, version. Version 3 is a new version which is substantially different. Because of the different nature of the 2 codes we will keep both versions posted for now.


  • Technical reports related to this project can be found here
  • Masha Sosonkina masha AT scl !dot! ameslab !dot! gov [Note: main contact for version 2.2]
  • Daniel Osei Kuffuor dosei AT cs !dot! umn !dot! edu [Note: main contact for version 3]
  • Zhongze Li (original developer)
  • Yousef Saad, saad AT cs !dot! umn !dot! edu

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