Date: 29th May 2018

Starting intern@Facebook Core Data Science Research Team!

Date: 4th Sept 2017

Our paper "Hunt For The Unique, Stable, Sparse And Fast Feature Learning On Graphs" has been accepted at NIPS 2017!

Date: 1st June 2017

Starting intern@CISCO AI Research Lab!

Date: 9th May 2016

Our paper "Stopping amplified DNS DDoS attacks through distributed query rate sharing" has been accepted at ARES'16.

Date: 30th May 2016

Our paper "Mining Spatial-Temporal geoMobile Data via Feature Distributional Similarity Graph" has been accepted at MobiData'16.

Date: 1st May 2015

Recipient of TCIPG (Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for the Power Grid) Summer School Scholarship 2015! Will be visiting from 15th -19th June in Chicago.

Date: 30th April 2015

Again summer intern@Honeywell ACS Global Labs.

Date: 15th April 2015

Aha! Will be starting my PhD@UMN from Fall 2015.

Date: 1st Jan 2015

Again, further continuing my research at Honeywell ACS Global Labs this spring 2015.

Date: 1st Sept 2014

Going back to school but will also be continuing my research at Honeywell Labs as a part time.

Date: 7th Jun 2014

Summer internship!! Joining Honeywell ACS Global Data Science and Cyber Security Lab, Minneapolis USA.

Date: 1st September 2013

Now a Research Graduate Student at UMN. Working at Minnesota Traffic Observatory on Incident Decision Support System project.

Date: 15th August 2013

Returning back to school. Will be pursuing master degree at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

Date: 27th Jun 2013

Last day at Citrix R&D India !! Another phase of my life is completed.