I am a PhD Candidate at University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (Fall 2015 - Present) and my main research lies in field of machine learning.

Earlier, I focused myself into the area of semi-supervised learning, optimization and exploring Bayesian learning. But now, as I am getting deeper and deeper, I find myself surrounded by the exciting advancement in deep graph convolutional neural networks, group theory in machine learning and manifold learning theory. Ultimately these techniques are solving the better feature learning problem which might hold the key to answer - what makes learning possible once for all.

My background

Bachelor's Degree

And before all of this, I was enjoying the best 4 years of my life at Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi (2008-2012). And now everyday, I hope for the same for rest of my life.

Master's Degree

Recently, I have completed my master's degree from University of Minneosota- Twin Cities (2013-2015) with focus on understanding and developing machine learning algorithms.

Work Experience

To experience the professional world, I worked as a Software Engineer at Citrix R&D Systems India (2012-2013). As a member of Cloud Bridge team, my responsibility was to deliver the impeccable performance of branch repeater product of Citrix.

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