Publications of year 2014
Articles in journal or book chapters
  1. S. Xiong, Y. Yao, S. Li, Q. Cao, T. He, H. Qi, L. Tolbert, and Y. Liu. kBF: Towards Approximate and Bloom Filter based Key-Value Storage for Cloud Computing Systems. Cloud Computing, IEEE Transactions on, PP(99):1-1, 2014.

  2. Dengsheng Zhang, Tian He, Yunhua Liu a nd Shan Lin, and John A. Stankovic.. CallCab: A Unified Recommendation System for Carpooling and Regular Taxicab Services. IEEE Transaction on Emerging Topics in Computing (TETC), 2(3):254-266, Sept. 2014.

  3. Shuai Wang, Song Min Kim, Yunhuai Liu, Guang Tan, and Tian He. CorLayer: A Transparent Link Correlation Layer for Energy Efficient Broadcasts. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (TON), 2014.

  4. Ruobing. Jiang, Yanmin Zhu, Tian He, Yunhuai Liu, and Lionel Ni. Exploiting Trajectory-based Coverage for Geocast in Vehicular Networks. Parallel and Distributed Systems, IEEE Transactions on, PP(99):1-1, 2014.

  5. Shuo Guo, Liang He, Yu Gu, Bo Jiang, and Tian He. Opportunistic Flooding in Low-Duty-Cycle Wireless Sensor Networks with Unreliable Links. Computers, IEEE Transactions on, 63(11):2787-2802, November 2014.

  6. Shuo Guo, Heng Zhang, Ziguo Zhong, Jiming Chen, Qing Cao, and Tian He. Detecting Faulty Nodes with Data Errors for Wireless Sensor Networks. ACM ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks (TOSN), 10(3):40:1--40:27, May 2014. [WWW ]

  7. Bo Xie, Guang Tan, Yunhuai Liu, Mingming Lu, Kongyang Chen, and Tian He. LIPS: A Light Intensity Based Positioning System For Indoor Environments. The Computing Research Repository (CoRR) abs/1403.2331, 2014.

Conference articles
  1. Desheng Zhang, Jun Huang, Ye Li, Fang Zhang, Chengzhong Xu, and Tian He. Exploring Human Mobility with Multi-Source Data at Extremely Large Metropolitan Scales. In The 20th Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (MobiCom '14), 2014. MobiCom 16% Ratio . [PDF ]

  2. Shuai Wang, Song Min Kim, Zhimeng Yin, and Tian He. Correlated Coding: Efficient Network Coding under Correlated Unreliable Wireless Links. In The 22th IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols(ICNP '14), 2014. ICNP 20% Ratio . [PDF ]

  3. Haipeng Dai, Yunhuai Liu, Guihai Chen, Xiaobing Wu, and Tian He. SCAPE: Safe Charging with Adjustable PowEr. In 34th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS '14), 2014. ICDCS 13% Ratio . [PDF ]

  4. Liang He, Linghe Kong, Siyu Lin, Shaodong Ying, Yu Gu, Tian He, and Cong Liu. Reconfiguration-Assisted Charging in Large-Scale Lithium-ion Battery Systems. In he 5th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems (ACM/IEEE ICCPS'14), 2014. ICCPS 13% Ratio . [PDF ]

  5. Linghe Kong, Liang He, Yu Gu, Min-You Wu, and Tian He. A Parallel Identification Protocol for RFID Systems. In IEEE INFOCOM '14, 2014. Infocom 19% Ratio . [PDF ]

  6. Yuanchao Shu, Peng Cheng, Yu Gu, Jiming Chen, and Tian He. TOC: Localizing Wireless Rechargeable Sensors with Time of Charge. In IEEE INFOCOM '14, 2014. Infocom 19% Ratio . [PDF ]

  7. Haipeng Dai, Yunhuai Liu, Guihai Chen, Xiaobing Wu, and Tian He. Safe Charging for Wireless Power Transfer. In IEEE INFOCOM '14, 2014. Infocom 19% Ratio . [PDF ]

  8. Sisi Xiong, Yanjun Yao, Qing Cao, and Tian He. kBF: a Bloom Filter for Key-Value Storage with an Application on Approximate State. In IEEE INFOCOM '14, 2014. Infocom 19% Ratio . [PDF ]

  9. Desheng Zhang, Tian He, Shan Lin, Sirajum Munir, and John Stankovic. Dmodel: Online Taxicab Demand Model from Big Sensor Data in a Roving Sensor Network. In In the IEEE Proceedings of the 3rd International Congress on Big Data, 2014. BIGDATA 19% . [PDF ]

  10. Yuanchao Shu, Peng Cheng, Yu Gu, Jiming Chen, and Tian He. Minimizing Communication Delay in RFID-based Wireless Rechargeable Sensor Networks. In International Conference on Sensing, Communicaiton, and Networking, 2014.

  11. Si Zheng, Yunhuai Liu, Tian He, Shanshan Li, and Xiangke Liao. SkewControl: Gini out of the Bottle. In 28th IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium: Parallel Computing and Optimization, 2014.

  12. Liangyin Chen, Miao Li, Kai Liu, Zhenlei Liu, Jingyu Zhang, Tong Peng, Yan Liu, Yongjun Xu, Qian Luo, and Tian He. Distributed range-free localisation algorithm for wireless sensor networks. In Electronics Letters, volume 50, pages 894-896, June 2014.

  13. Yinqun Zhang, Xingfa Shen, Yueshen Chen, Jianhui Zhang, Tian He, and Guojun Dai. Opportunistic Coding for Multi-Packet Flooding in Wireless Sensor Networks with Correlated Links. In In the 11th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems, 2014.

  14. Desheng Zhang and Tian He. Collaborative Sensing and Control in Large-Scale Transportation Systems. In The 2014 International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems (CTS 2014), 2014. Invited paper.



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