Evan Suma Rosenberg

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Evan Suma Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering
University of Minnesota

Office: 6-201 Keller Hall
Phone: (612) 301-2560
Email: suma at umn dot edu

August 9, 2018: I will be teaching a CSCI 8980 special topics course on Immersive User Interfaces in the fall! Interested students can check out the course flyer and syllabus.

May 3, 2018: Starting in June, I will be joining the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the University of Minnesota!

December 8, 2017: Congratulations to Dr. Mahdi Azmandian for successfully defending his Ph.D. dissertation!

May 9, 2017: Our patent on dynamic field of view modification (also known as tunneling) has been issued. Colleagues at Columbia University have empirically verified that this technique can reduce simulator sickness, and it was recently implemented as "comfort mode" in Google Earth VR.

March 23, 2017: It was an honor to serve as General Chair for IEEE Virtual Reality 2017. The conference received a record number of 588 attendees!

February 24, 2017: I received a Google VR Research Award for my proposal "Redirect-an-go: Room-Scale VR in Cluttered Physical Spaces."

March 20, 2016: We are pleased to release the Redirected Walking Toolkit, an open-source platform for enabling the exploration of large virtual reality environments within room-scale physical spaces.

February 19, 2016: We have released our Fast Avatar Capture software for rapid scanning and reconstruction of 3D human models using a Microsoft Kinect sensor. These models can also be automatically rigged and animated using ICT's Autorigging and Reshaping tool.

August 13, 2015: We won first place at the SIGGRAPH Immersive Realities AR/VR Contest! Congratulations to the entire Near-Field VR team.

April 3, 2014: We received honorable mentions for both the best poster award and best research demo awards at IEEE VR 2014, for our contributions "An Enhanced Steering Algorithm for Redirected Walking in Virtual Environments" and "Automatic Acquisition and Animation of Virtual Avatars."

March 28, 2014: Oculus, the virtual reality startup founded by our former lab assistant Palmer Luckey, was acquired by Facebook for $2 billion! More information about this landmark event for the VR field can be found in this article from the LA Times.

March 26, 2014: Our research project for envisioning and prototyping next generation user interfaces for the U.S. Navy has received substantial press coverage, including articles from Gizmodo, Popular Mechanics, and The Verge, and the Navy Times!

February 11, 2014: Gizmodo featured an article on our rapid avatar scanning and animation system for the Kinect.

March 12, 2012: Our paper, "Impossible Spaces: Maximizing Natural Walking in Virtual Environments with Self-Overlapping Architecture" received the honorable mention for best paper at IEEE VR 2012. We also received the award for best research demo at the conference!

December 2, 2011: Our paper, "Markerless Full Body Tracking: Depth-Sensing Technology within Virtual Environments" won the award for best paper in the Emerging Concepts and Innovative Technologies category at I/ITSEC 2011.

April 4, 2011: My Kinect hack to make Google's Gmail Motion April Fools' Day prank actually work has been covered by news organizations such as NPR, CNN, and The New York Times!

March 20, 2011: My short paper, "Effects of Redirection on Spatial Orientation in Real and Virtual Environments," won the award for best technote at IEEE 3DUI 2011.

January 10, 2011: My youtube video demonstrating full-body control of World of Warcraft with FAAST has received over 1 million views, and has been covered by news organizations such as Wired, MSNBC, and The Los Angeles Times!