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Security and Privacy in Computing


Welcome to CSci 8271. The latest course announcements will be posted on this front page, and more detailed course information is available via the menu on the left-hand side of the page.

1/27: In accord with the campus decision taken because of the extremely cold weather, 8271 will not meet today. However I would ask that you submit you reading questions about the paper planned for today if you haven't already, since I think you'll find the paper for Wednesday more difficult. We'll discuss both papers in class on Wednesday.

2/20: The selection of the main reading for Monday's class is now posted (sorry for the delay).

2/28: I'd previously given inconsistent information about how to submit your project proposal, sorry. Please submit you proposal as a PDF document using an assignment on the Moodle that now exists (this will be easier for grading purposes than email submissions), one submission per group. As we're doing with the reading assignments, "Friday" can extend until early Saturday morning (5:55am) if you want it to.

3/7: The selection of main readings for next week's classes on Tor is now posted (sorry for the delay).

3/24: The next reading assignments for the rest of this week and next have been posted, as has more information about the hands-on demo assignment (on the Assignments page).