University of Minnesota
Introduction to Computer Security


Welcome to CSci 5271. The latest course announcements will be posted on this front page, and more detailed course information is available via a menu on the left-hand side of the page.

12/17: The schedule page has now been updated with the last remaining lecture slides, and the grades on the Moodle have been updated with everything except the project presentations and reports and the final exam. See you tomorrow morning at the final.

12/8: The optional extra review session will be held this Thursday 12/11 from 6:30-7:30pm in room 3-125 Keller Hall.

11/24: Exercise set 5 has been posted (on the Assignments page).

11/18: The tentative schedule for the group presentations on 12/2-12/9 has been posted to the Moodle.

11/10: The hands-on assignment 2 VM setup is ready for you to try your solutions to questions 1 and 2. (Remember to email Yang if you haven't registered your group.) The remaining questions are also coming soon.

10/27: The midterm solutions and exercise set 3 have been posted: they can be found on the schedule and assignments pages respectively.

10/7: Several vulnerabilities have been found in BCLPR version 1.3, and version 1.4 is out.

9/29: A vulnerability has been found in BCLPR version 1.2, and version 1.3 is out.

9/22: A vulnerability has been found in BCLPR version 1.1, and version 1.2 is out.

9/16: A vulnerability has been found in BCLPR version 1.0. We've now released version 1.1, ready for you to find and exploit more bugs. See the Assignments page for updated source code and instructions for copying it into your VM; we're also updating test-exploit and have created the Moodle submission page due Friday.

9/9: The information about hands-on assignment 1 on the Assignments page has been updated with the source code for BCLPR version 1.0, and instructions about using the virtual machines. To get your VM set up, email a list of your group members to the TA.

8/30: Demand for 5271 appears high again this year: to help make sure we have as many seats as possible for students who want them, we'll be following the campus policy on first-day attendance. If you want to take the course, regardless of your official registration status, you must attend the first lecture on Tuesday September 2nd, at which I'll take attendance. If you don't attend or notify me in advance, I'll assume that you don't want to take the class, so you won't get off the waiting list, or if you are registered, we may give your seat to someone else. (Of course this requirement doesn't apply to UNITE students, whose registration is separate.) If for any reason you can't attend the first lecture, contact the instructor before the class by email to Also if you aren't yet on the waiting list, there are two open spots as of this writing.

8/30: Look for more material appearing on the page between now and the first class on September 2nd.