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Introduction to Computer Security


Welcome to CSci 5271. The latest course announcements will be posted on this front page, and more detailed course information is available via the menu on the left-hand side of the page.

12/22: Final grades are now available on the Moodle and have been submitted to the registrar. Enjoy the rest of your winter break.

12/15: The final exam on Monday, December 16th will be held from 1:30-3:30pm in Mechanical Engineering 108, the same room where lectures have been held. See you there!

11/26: The preliminary schedule for group project presentations, starting the Monday after Thanksgiving, has been posted on the Moodle.

11/25: The final exercise set number 5 has been posted, and is due a week from Thursday, 12/5.

11/18: Question 1(a) on exercise set 4 has been clarified to be explicit that the "time of day" depends on the date as well.

11/7: Exercise set 4 and its Moodle submission page have been posted.

10/9: Exercise set 2 has been slightly updated to clarify the notation used for lattice elements in question 5.

9/30: Exercise set 2 and its Moodle submission page, the submission page for the first project progress reports, and readings through to the midterm have been posted. Please note the modified office hours for later this week.

9/24: A student pointed out last night that the link to the CFI paper on the schedule page was broken; it should be fixed now. Also a reminder that this and the ROP paper are licensed through the campus library, so to download them for free you should either use an on-campus machine or the library's proxy (information about which is linked from the syllabus).

9/20: The instructions for using the virtual machines for homework 1 are now available under the Assignments page, and we're now distributing machines to groups that have registered.

9/16: The schedule of meeting times for you to intersect with in your pre-proposal is now posted on the Project page, and the submission page is up on the Moodle. Remember the pre-proposal is due this Wednesday.

9/11: As a reminder, links to the slides from class, as well as the readings and sometimes some other useful materials like the GDB commands from today, are listed in the per-lecture details area on the "Schedule" page.

9/6: Exercise set 1 posted (on the Assignments page).

9/5: The course Moodle page is now available via the "Moodle" link on the sidebar: it has discussion forums for group formation and homework 1.

9/4: The first set of reading assignments and the instructions and source code for Homework 1 are now available (under Schedule and Assignments respectively).

9/3: The course syllabus and project information page are now available (linked on the left).

8/27: Because demand for this course is high, we'll be enforcing first-day attendance strictly in order to maximize the number of seats available for students who really want to take the course. We'll take attendance at the first lecture, and students who don't attend may be dropped. (Of course this requirement doesn't apply to UNITE students.) If for any reason you can't attend the first lecture, contact the instructor before the class by email to

8/27: Look for more material appearing on the page between now and the first class on September 4th.