[08.25.2014] I have joined the Computer Science and Engineering Department at University of Minnesota - Twin Cities to pursue my PhD studies in Computer Science starting from Fall 2014. Currently, I am a part of the Data Management Group under the supervision of Prof. Mohamed Mokbel.

[08.01.2014] My MonoStream paper is under review in IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications (IEEE J-SAC) (Location-Awareness for Radios and Networks Track), 2015. A technical report version is available here for your feedback.

[07.20.2014] I have got my Masters degree in Machine Translation from Alexandria University. My thesis title is "Intelligent Hybrid Man-Machine Translation Evaluation". For more information, the thesis is available here.

[04.15.2014] My ACE paper in Device-free Passive Localization has been published in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (IEEE TMC), April 2014. You can check it from here.

[02.01.2014] I have joined the KACST GIS Technology Innovation Center at Umm Al-Qura University as a Research Assistant.