My UX Portfolio

Thank you for your interest in my UX portfolio! My qualitative and quantitative UX work experiences have been documented in the links below each of these projects. For quantitative experience, the link points to the published paper, whereas the qualitative work has been documented in a google doc.

Mistranslations in Science Media Production

Prior Experience and Newcomer Behavior

Qualitative: Open Coding/ Grounded Theory Method

Quantitative: Negative Binomial Regression, Poisson Regression, Mixed effects model

Personality and Newcomer Behavior

Early Activity and Newcomer Behavior

Quantitative: ANOVA, t-test, Wilcoxon Mann-Whitney test, Logistic Regression, Negative Binomial Regression, Multinomial Regression, Mixed effects model

Qualitative : Card Sorting
Quantitative: Survival Analysis, Logistic Regression

GopherAnswers: A Q&A service

Together: A Cancer Portal

Qualitative: Personas, Scenarios, Usability testing

Qualitative: Lo-fi prototypes, Hi-fi prototypes, Personas, Scenarios, Usability testing

Student Portal

College Automation Project

Qualitative: Surveys, Prototypes, Heuristic Evaluations, Personas, Scenarios, Usability testing

Qualitative:Prototyping (hi-fi, lo-fi), Personas, Scenarios, Usability testing