About Me

I'm a final year Ph.D. student in Computer Science and Engineering from the GroupLens Research Lab . I am a User Experience (both Qualitative and Quantitative) Researcher and a Data Scientist. I am currently being advised by Prof. Joseph A. Konstan and Prof. Haiyi Zhu. Prior to joining GroupLens, I obtained my M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

Research Interests

Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Online User Engagement Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Improving Online User Experience, Groups/Collaboration, Personalization, Desigining better systems for users, Crowdsourcing

Current Research

Broadly speaking, my current work is aimed at advancing the theory and practice of social computing by building and understanding systems used by real people. More specifically, I apply concepts from social, behavioral, and organizational sciences to users in online communities in order to understand individual and group behaviors, design better systems for users, recommend items matching their preferences and devise strategies that increase their retention and motivate contributions in these systems. My PhD thesis is aimed at modeling newcomers and early user experience for improving user retention and activity in online communities.


How to pronounce my name?

Raghav /Ra:ghuv/ : (R-aa-ghuv) The first a has the pronunciation as in arm,farm etc, gh has the pronunciation like the gh in big-house, ghav is pronounced as in the word how.

Karumur /Karumu:r/ : Kar has the pronunciation of Car, the first u rhymes with the u in put and mur rhymes with moor.

Connect to Me

You can reach out to me on LinkedIn here and I tweet here .

For a copy of my latest resume, please send an email to raghav at umn dot edu