CS218 and CS318: Higher-Order Logic Programming
Spring 1996
LambdaProlog Implementations and System-Related Aspects

The following links provide further information about the lambdaProlog language: Note that the documents in the second and third categories are somewhat outdated and are provided here because they are the simplest documents that I could lay my hands on and they will serve to getting you thinking in the right way. The thinking on some matters, particularly the module system, is in a state of flux and this is reflected in different implementations having slightly different notions embedded in them. For instance, Terzo has two different forms of module interaction: accumulate and import. There are other documents to look up if you become interested in details. For instance, you could see the partial manuscript by Dale Miller for details of the module system as present in Terzo and you understand the considerations dictating the design of the type system in a paper by Gopalan Nadathur and Frank Pfenning.
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