CS218 and CS318: Higher-Order Logic Programming
Spring 1996
Handout for Lectures on the language lambdaProlog

This handout is designed to introduce you to the syntax of the language $\lambda$Prolog, to give you an exposure to one particular implementation of it that is called Terzo and to give you a feeling for the features of the language as well as its applications. Accordingly, the handout is divided into four parts: I intend to cover most of this material in the remaining lectures. Our ability to do this will be greatly facilitated if you look at this material before the class, so I request you to do this. At least one of these lectures will be a demo of the Terzo system with these examples. Please play around with Terzo in preparation for this. I have set up an information file that can be accessed through the Web that will help you do this. Click here to get to this page.
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