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   Research Area: Estimation for autonomous mobile robot navigation

   Research Interests:

My Ph. D. thesis focuses on resource-aware estimation for single- and multi-robot localization/mapping. In the presence of time-varying processing and communication-bandwidth constraints, the objective of my work is to design estimators that can optimally utilize these time-varying resources in order to maximize estimation accuracy.   

Apr. 2013: I am back to working on SLAM! Specifically, I am working on batch MAP estimators (commonly known as bundle adjustment) using inertial sensors and cameras and/or depth sensors. We are currently developing a novel and promising keyframe-based batch-MAP approach called C-KLAM (Constrained Keyframe Localization and Mapping) for real-time localization and mapping. We will be presenting our preliminary results at the "Long-Term Autonomy: Navigation and Mapping for Real-World Applications" workshop on 10 May 2013 at ICRA in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Mar. 2013: Currently, I am working on Covariance Intersection algorithms for multi-robot cooperative localization. Our proposed algorithm, submitted to IROS 2013, can handle both limited processing resources and asynchronous communication constraints.

Dec 2012 : Recently, I have been working on the extremely interesting and challenging problem of designing estimators capable of processing a combination of analog and quantized measurements.