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                                  ESHA D. NERURKAR

                                                   Ph.D. Candidate
                                                     Graduate School Doctoral Dissertation Fellow

I am a graduate student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

My advisor is Prof. Stergios Roumeliotis and I am a member of the Multiple Autonomous Robotics Laboratory.

Upcoming Events:
1) ICRA 2013 (May 6-May 10), Karlsruhe, Germany: I will be presenting our research work at the following two workshops:
    a) Workshop name: "Towards Fully Decentralized Multi-Robot Systems: Hardware, Software, and Integration"
        Paper name: "A Communication-Bandwidth-Aware Hybrid Estimation Framework for Multi-robot Cooperative Localization"
        This is a compilation of our research on hybrid MMSE estimators for multi-robot co-operative localization. These estimators can process both quantized and hybrid measurements.
    b) Workshop name: "Long-Term Autonomy: Navigation and Mapping for Real-World Applications"
         Paper name: "C-KLAM: Constrained Keyframe Localization and Mapping for Long-Term Navigation"
         This is my current, on-going work on  real-time, vision-aided inertial localization and mapping algorithms based on the batch MAP-estimation framework.

2) ICASSP 2013 (May 26-May 31), Vancouver, Canada:  I will be presenting our work on hybrid MAP estimators for multi-robot co-operative localization.
     Paper name: "Hybrid Maximum A Posteriori Estimation under Communication Constraints"