Obtaining PARMGRIDGEN 1.0

MGRIDGEN is a serial library written entirely in ANSI C that implements (serial) algorithms for obtaining a sequence of successive coarse grids that are well-suited for geometric multigrid methods. The quality of the elements of the coarse grids is optimized using a multilevel framework. It is portable on most Unix systems that have an ANSI C compiler. It has been extensively tested on the following machines :

AIX IRIX Solaris SunOS
FreeBSD Linux Unicos  

PARMGRIDGEN is an MPI-based parallel library that is based on the serial package MGRIDGEN. PARMGRIDGEN extends the functionality provided by MGRIDGEN and it is especially suited for large scale numerical simulations. It is written entirely in ANSI C and MPI and is portable on most parallel computers that support MPI. It has been extensively tested on the following machines:

SGI Origin Cray T3E
IBM SP 2 Linux Cluster

Both the serial and the parallel library come in one package, namely PARMGRIDGEN, version 1.0.
Download PARMGRIDGEN-1.0

To compile PARMGRIDGEN, the serial code of MGRIDGEN must have been installed on the system first. PARMGRIDGEN-1.0 contains the serial library as well and it is built automatically. The distribution of PARMGRIDGEN-1.0 consists of a Unix gziped tar file whose size is approximately 2.6 megabytes. After downloading PARMGRIDGEN-1.0 you need to uncompress it and untar it. This is achieved by executing the following commands:

gunzip ParMGridGen-1.0.tar.gz

tar -xvf ParMGridGen-1.0.tar

At this point you should have a directory named ParMGridGen-1.0. This directory contains MGRIDGEN's and PARMGRIDGEN's source code. To build the libraries, follow the instructions in the file ParMGridGen-1.0/INSTALL. Instructions describing how to use the libraries can be found at ParMGridGen-1.0/Doc/manual-parmgridgen.[pdf][ps].

You can get a postscript copy of this manual by clicking here, or a PDF copy by clicking here.

You can get a detailed paper of the algorithms used in this library, in postscript, by clicking here, or a PDF copy by clicking here.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions, or any bugs to report : moulitsa@cs.umn.edu.

MGRIDGEN WIN32 A precompiled version of serial MGRIDGEN for Win32
is also available as a zip archive whose size is 3.7 MB

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