"Managing Cyber Threats: Issues, Approaches and Challenges"

edited by:
Vipin Kumar, Jaideep Srivastava, Aleksandar Lazarevic

Springer Publisher

(published May 2005 !)



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Modern society depends critically on the information infrastructure, and is becoming increasingly vulnerable to attacks against the infrastructure. The escalating magnitude of this threat is evident from the increasing rate of cyber attacks against our computers in the past few years. According to a recent survey by CERT/CC (Computer Emergency Response Team/Coordination Center), the rate of cyber attacks has been more than double every year in recent times. Thus, the very same information infrastructure that has brought us a high degree of agility has also created a degree of fragility, which if not remedied can cause serious damage to our society.

Given this alarming situation, it has become important to develop a broad range of techniques, whose goal is to ensure that the information infrastructure continues to operate smoothly, even in the presence of dire and continuous threats. The US government has shown tremendous leadership in this area by establishing the Department of Homeland Security, and has given a clarion call to all scientific and engineering communities to focus their technological prowess towards this critical endeavor. Indeed, a great deal of research is being undertaken in academia, industry and governments worldwide to address this challenge.

This book will bring together the work done by leading experts worldwide to manage cyber threats. Some chapters will present broad surveys while others will present details of specific techniques and systems developed by individual research groups or organizations. The book will also discuss issues and challenges involved in defending against cyber terrorism as well as present state-of-the-art cyber defense technologies. We believe this book will provide an excellent reference point and will assist government, academic and industrial communities to understand the issues and to focus on future challenges.

The book will cover the following topics:

  • Intrusion Detection (Network vs. Host-Based Intrusion Detection)

  • Detecting Viruses/Worms

  • Distributed / Coordinated Attack Detection

  • Insider Threat Analysis

  • Attack Profiling / Modeling

  • Data Mining for Cyber Threat Analysis

  • Monitoring / Surveillance

  • Preventing from Cyber Attacks

  • Response and Recovery from Cyber Attacks

  • Attack Isolation and Analysis

  • Cyber Threats in Wireless Networks

  • Cyber Forensics

  • Cyber Threats in Military Environments

  • Cyber Fraud in Commercial World

  • Information Security

  • International Perspectives


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