Chapman & Hall/CRC - Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Series

Computer Science Book Proposal Guidelines
Chapman & Hall/CRC Press
Taylor and Francis Group

In order to help us to evaluate your proposal thoroughly, we ask that you complete the following questionnaire. This will help us ensure your book is a necessary and welcome addition to the literature.

Please return this form with a detailed outline of your book, including chapter headings, subtopics, and a brief abstract for each chapter (if available.) Any sample material, either draft chapters or relevant papers, would help to support your proposal and would be greatly appreciated.

Please return the completed questionnaire, preferably by email, to:

Randi Cohen
Acquisitions Editor, Computer Science
3108 Rockwater Way
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
757-427-0376 (fax)

Book Description/Key Features

1.    Full title of the proposed book

2.    Your full name, position, and affiliation

3.    Contact Information (include address, telephone number, email, fax, etc.)

4.    Career to date, including key publications (Please attach an updated CV)

5.    Please list the names and affiliations of any coauthors you will be working with.

6.    Please describe your proposed book in detail.

7.    Please describe the purpose of your book and include why such a book is needed.

8.    List up to six key features of your book.

9.    Will your book include any supplementary features, such as an accompanying website, teacher’s guide, or solutions manual?


10.    Please describe the primary audiences for your book in detail.

11.    List any secondary markets for your book.

12.    If your book is targeted to the professional/reference market, list any societies, associations, and/or journals that your book would appeal to.

13.    If your book is a textbook, please list any courses for which your book could be used as a required textbook. Please list specific course names.

14.    For which courses could your book be used as a supplementary reading?

15.    Please list any companies or organizations who may be interested in purchasing multiple copies of your book? Please include contact information, if available.

Competitive Analysis

16.    Please list at least three books that might compete with your book? For each book, list the author, title, publisher, and publication year.

17.    Describe how your book differs from the competition and indicate what advantages your book has over the competition.

Production Overview

18.    Please estimate the approximate number of pages your manuscript will be?

19.    How many figures do you expect to have? Will your book require any color figures?

20.    In what format do you expect to prepare the manuscript (Latex camera-ready copy, Microsoft Word, etc.)

21.    Please provide the estimated delivery date on which you would expect to deliver the final manuscript.

Review Process

22.    Please list the names and email addresses of up to four people who may be qualified to provide a review of your book proposal.

23.    Please list any other relevant information that may be useful as we evaluate your book proposal.