Kangjie Lu

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science & Engineering
University of Minnesota

Office: 5-217 Keller Hall, 200 Union St SE Minneapolis, MN 55455
Email: kjlu@umn.edu

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Openings available for Ph.D. students, visiting students, and a postdoc

Dr. Kangjie Lu, an assistant professor in the Computer Science and Engineering department of the University of Minnesota--Twin Cities, is hiring Ph.D. students, visiting students, and a postdoc, who have strong interests and solid backgrounds in computer security, systems, or program analysis.

Lu's research interests include security and privacy, program analyses, and operating systems. His research aims to find and fix classes of vulnerabilities in system software, and to harden widely used programs. His research group have recently found more than 100 new vulnerabilities of various classes in OS kernels, and efficiently prevented attacks such as information leakage and memory corruption. The research results have been published in top-tier conferences and journals such as S&P, CCS, NDSS, USENIX Security, ATC, and TDSC. More details can be found in his webpage: http://www-users.cs.umn.edu/~kjlu

All candidates with solid backgrounds in security, systems, or program analysis are encouraged to apply. Candidates with good programming skills, knowledge on operating systems and programming languages, or experience on program analysis, hacking, and machine learning are particularly preferred. All candidates must be self-motivated, and have a strong interest in finding and solving research problems. A bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related majors is required. Ph.D. applications should be submitted through the official admission system. If you are interested in these positions, or have any questions regarding the positions or related research, please feel free to drop your email at kjlu@umn.edu

The CS&E department of the University of Minnesota--Twin Cities is reputable---it ranks 29th in the U.S. according to U.S. News. It is located in Downtown Minneapolis which is recognized as one of the safest and the most beautiful cities in the U.S.