Kyungyoon Kim, June Yoon (CE, Univ. of Washington - Seattle), Ri Yu (CS, Korea University - Seoul)

This is a classified research. Only a limited amount of work will be presented here.

Purpose of Development
This application is used to identify car manufacturers on blurry surveillance cameras and black box footages in individual cars.

Vehicle Black Box
In South Korea, vehicle black boxes are equipped in many cars. These black boxes are used to record accidents and unexpected events as an evidence. However, depending on the environment of the event, the quality of the camera, or the compression technique that was used lowers the overall quality of evidence. In this matter, NFS researchers spend an enormous amount of time to enhance the quality of the video. Thus, we developed this application to identify car manufacturers on low quality blurry surveillance cameras recordings and black box footages in individual cars.

Sample Task (Vehicle Black Box):
Identify the manufacturer of this white car in this footage

* These images are not related to any crime activities. These are just examples to show how hard it is to identify a single car.


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