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Welcome to my web-page. I earned my PhD degree from the department of Computer Science at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in August, 2016. I worked with Prof. Stephen Guy and Prof. Maria Gini in Applied Motion Lab.

I got my Master of Science degree from the Computer Science department of University of Minnesota in 2013.

Email: firstname (at) cs (dot) umn (dot) edu

Research interests

My research area spans stochastic multi-agent planning and domain inference. In particular, I have employed and extended Monte Carlo Tree Search, i.e. a sampling based stochastic search method. From the planning perspective, I have studied the multi-robot patrolling problem which seeks to generate continuous patrolling policies for a team of robots to minimize the intrusion risk. I have also been studying the multi-robot task allocation problem with time windows, which is a more generalized version of many multi-robot planning problems. I have studied the multi-agent narrative generation problem which attempts to create stories accomplishing goals in a believable fashion. I have also worked on the procedural puzzle generation of Sokoban game levels which resemble box-pushing robots for warehouses.