Andrew at Golden Gate Bridge

I’m a fourth-year PhD student at the University of Minnesota and am fortunate enough to work in GroupLens Research, advised by Professor Loren Terveen. My current research interests lie broadly in HCI and social computing. More specifically, I’ve studied the domain of peer-production systems such as Wikipedia, Wikidata and OpenStreetMap. Recently, I’ve been interested in quality issues in systems where standardization of structured data is vital such as OpenStreetMap. Given that geography intrigues me, I’ve found the volunteered geographic information (VGI) produced in OpenStreetMap, a “geo-wiki”, to be a particularily interesting context to do my research in.

Past Work

As an undergraduate student, I researched programming languages with Associate Professor Eric Van Wyk, specifically developing techniques to adapt traditional parser-generators for a class of languages where whitespace is valid syntax (i.e. Python). This work was done specifically in the context of Copper, a parser generator developed in Professor Van Wyk’s lab.

Additionally, I’ve worked at Intel Corporation as an intern three times in a variety of technical roles including software development and systems programming roles. At Intel, I also performed a small degree of research related to resource optimization.

Other Interests

When I’m not doing research, I enjoy doing a number of activities. Since even before I was in the Boy Scouts (where I attained the rank of Eagle Scout), I’ve enjoyed spending my time outdoors hiking and camping. I’ve also been an active swimmer and runner throughout my life.

I enjoy travelling. Whenever I’m in a new location, I enjoy exploring the area and like taking pictures of the sights I see.