CSCI 5552 Sensing and Estimation in Robotics. Guest instructor for 3 classes, Spring 2016.

Taken for Credits

CSCI 5551 Introduction to Intelligen Robotic Systems

CSCI 5552 Sensing and Estimation in Robotics

CSCI 5525 Machine Learning

CSCI 5304 Computational Aspects of Matrix Theory

CSCI 8314 Sparse Matrix Computations

EE 5531 Probability and Stochastic Processes

EE 5239 Introduction to Nonlinear Optimization

EE 5231 Linear Systems and Optimal Control

EE 8215 Nonlinear Systems

EE 8231 Optimization Theory

EE 8581 Detection and Estimation Theory

MATH 5385 Computational Algebraic Geometry


CSCI 5561 Computer Vision

CSCI 5421 Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures