Second Workshop on Data Mining for Healthcare Management

Held in conjunction with
The 15th Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
24-27 May 2011 (Tue-Fri) - Shenzen, China

Workshop Description
Data Mining for Healthcare Management (DMHM) has been instrumental in detecting patterns of diagnosis, decisions and treatments in healthcare. Data mining has aided in several aspects of healthcare management including disease diagnosis, decision-making for treatments, medical fraud prevention and detection, fault detection of medical devices, healthcare quality improvement strategies and privacy. Data Mining for Healthcare Management (DMHM) is an emerging field where researchers from both academia and industry have recognized the potential of its impact on improved healthcare by discovering patterns and trends in large amounts of complex data generated by healthcare transactions. Data mining also helps to discover interesting business insights to help make business decisions that can influence cost efficiency and yet maintain a high quality of care. Healthcare management has received great deal of attention in recent times and application of data mining techniques to this field is gaining increasing popularity. This workshop will provide a common platform for discussion of challenging issues and potential techniques in this emergence field of data mining for health care management. It will also serve as a critical and essential forum for integrating various research challenges in this domain and promote collaboration among researchers from academia and industry to enhance the state-of-art and help define a clear path for future research in this emerging area. Data Mining for Healthcare Management (DMHM) workshop will facilitate collaboration among different disciplines including medicine, clinical studies, embedded systems, hardware and computer science.
Workshop Scope
DMHM 2011 encourages the following topics (but is not limited to) related to application of data mining techniques to healthcare:
  • Theoretical foundations in Data Mining
  • Data models for healthcare management
  • Patient management
  • Medical decision making
  • Medical diagnosis
  • Evidence based medicinal decisions
  • Medical Insurance Fraud Detection
  • Patient Flow Models in Hospitals
  • Clinical data analysis
  • Cloud-computing models and challenges for healthcare.
  • Privacy and security in healthcare.
  • Improving Quality of products and services
  • Data collection and integration techniques
  • Data cleaning and transformation
  • Knowledge based medical recommendation models
  • Information visualization of medical data.
  • Enhancing quality of tools available to healthcare providers.
  • Medical device fault detection and prevention.
  • Reliability of medical devices.
  • Pattern recognition in medical images and data.
  • Submission
    All papers must be submitted electronically using EasyChair Website for the workshop in PDF format only. Submitting a paper to the workshop means that if the paper is accepted, at least one author $ the workshop to present the paper. Attendees are required to register at PAKDD 2011 website.

    We are currently negotiating with Springer-Verlag to include some outstanding papers in the LNCS/LNAI series. We will keep you posted on the same.

    Workshop paper submission deadline: 10 December 2010

    Workshop Organization Chairs
    Dr. Prasanna Desikan
    Cardiac Device Telematics
    Boston Scientific

    Prof. Jaideep Srivastava
    Computer Science & Engineering
    University of Minnesota

    Prof. Ee-Peng Lim
    School of Information Systems
    Singapore Management University
    For any further questions please contact Prasanna at prasanna [at] gmail [dot] com