John E. Collins

1042 Golden Oaks, Hudson, WI 54016
ph: 612.986.8222


Research Interests

Technical Specialties:


Since Fall semester 2002, I am a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Computer Science department at the University of Minnesota. I teach in both the undergrad program and in the Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSSE) program. I expect to assume the directorship of the MSSE program in the next year or so.

Since 1998, I have taught a semester course in Distributed Object Systems in the University of Minnesota's MSSE program. The course is in the program because I submitted a proposal and was awarded a contract to develop it. I also teach the Advanced Software Engineering course in that program, and I developed and taught a 40-hour course on Enterprise Java Beans for the University's Continuing Engineering Education program.

Since October 1997, I have been an independent consultant. I have done technical pre-sales work, including customer interviews, project planning, risk analysis, and project proposals. I led a process improvement initiative for a local software company. Other projects have included technical analyses of potential partnerships and acquisitions, system architecture analysis, research and analysis on technology adoptions, and a detailed analysis of enterprise-class distributed object infrastructure products and standards.

I was at 3M from 1969 through 1997. While there, I had considerable freedom to explore and develop technologies, define products, put together business cases, propose projects, build development teams, and spend time with potential customers. At least 60% of my time at 3M was spent working on projects that I proposed. I am principal or co-inventor on 16 US patents. Highlights of my tenure at 3M include:


Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Minnesota, 2002.
My research was primarily in advanced planning and scheduling systems in the context of autonomous agents. I was project leader for a research group studying issues in automated negotiation and electronic commerce. The group is designing and implementing the University of Minnesota's MAGNET market-oriented contracting system.

MS Computer Science, University of Minnesota, 1985.

BS, Electrical Engineering, Iowa State University, 1969.


ACM, American Association for Artificial Intelligence, IEEE Computer Society

Selected recent publications

Many of these are publicly available here.

J. Collins, "Solving Combinatorial Auctions with Temporal Constraints in Economic Agents," Ph.D. thesis, University of Minnesota, Computer Science Department, 2002.

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References available upon request.