Current Students:


  • PhD Students:

    • Konstantina Christakopoulou: PhD, 2018
      Title: Towards Recommendation Systems with Real-World Constraints
      First Appointment: Google

    • Sheng Chen: PhD, 2018
      Title: Computational and Statistical Aspects of High-Dimensional Structured Estimation
      First Appointment: Voleon

    • Amir Taheri: PhD, 2017
      Title: High Dimensional Learning with Structure Inducing Constraints and Regularizers
      First Appointment: Ohio State University

    • Farideh Fazayeli: PhD, 2017
      Title: Probabilistic Structured Models for Plant Trait Analysis
      First Appointment: Google

    • Nicholas Johnson: PhD, 2016
      Title: Structured Online Learning with Full and Bandit Information
      First Appointment: University of Pennsylvania

    • Igor Melnyk: PhD, 2016
      Title: Dynamic Bayesian Networks: Estimation, Inference, and Applications
      First Appointment: IBM Research

    • André Ricardo Gonçalves: PhD, 2016 (co-advised with Fernando Jose Von Zuben)
      Title: Sparse and Structural Multitask Learning
      First Appointment: Center for Research and Development in Telecommunications (CPqD), Brazil

    • Soumyadeep Chatterjee: PhD, 2015
      Title: High Dimensional Statistical Models: Applications to Climate
      First Appointment: Yahoo

    • Huahua Wang: PhD, 2014
      Title: Large Scale Optimization for Machine Learning
      First Appointment: Uber ATC

    • Karthik Subbian: PhD, 2014 (co-advised with Jaideep Srivastava)
      Title: Scalable Analysis of Information Flow in Networks
      First Appointment: Facebook

    • Puja Das: PhD, 2014
      Title: Online Convex Optimization and its application to Online Portfolio Selection
      First Appointment: Apple

    • Qiang Fu: PhD, 2014
      Title: Efficient Inference Algorithms for Some Probabilistic Graphical Models
      First Appointment: Google

    • Nishith Pathak: PhD, 2013 (co-advised with Jaideep Srivastava)
      Title: Analyzing information flow in social networks for knowledge discovery
      First Appointment: Ninja Metrics

    • Hanhuai Shan: PhD, 2012
      Title: Probabilistic Models for Multi-relational Data Analysis
      First Appointment: Microsoft

    • Amrudin Agovic: PhD, 2011 (co-advised with Maria Gini)
      Title: Predictive Modeling using Dimensionality Reduction and Dependency Structures
      First Appointment: CEO, Reliancy

    • Varun Chandola: PhD, 2009 (co-advised with Vipin Kumar)
      Title: Anomaly Detection for Symbolic Sequences and Times Series Data
      First Appointment: Oak Ridge National Labs
      Current Appointment: University of Buffalo

  • MS Students:

    • Hardik Goel: MS, 2017
    • Subrahmanya Bhat: MS, 2010
    • Aravind Ragipindi: MS, 2010
    • Roman Briskine: MS, 2007

  • Undergraduate Students:

    • Alex Cook: UROP, 2014
    • Garrison Kubis: UROP, 2011
    • Tinghui Zhou: UROP, 2011
    • Kim Kawatra: UROP, 2010
    • Charles Curtsinger: UROP, 2007