I am Baoquan Zhang, a Ph.D. Candidate (Sep.2015 - current) in Computer Science at University of Minnesota Twin-Cities advised by Professor David H.C. Du. Currently, I am a member of CRIS (Center for Research in Intelligent Storage), UMN and working on Cloud Storage, Software RAID Systems, SMR Drives, Key-Value Stores and etc.

Before joining UMN, I got B.E. (Sep. 2008 - July 2012) and M.S. (Sep. 2012 - April 2015) degrees in Computer Science at Harbin Engineering University, China. As a Research Assistant (June 2013 - April 2015), I worked in Cloud Storage in the storage systems group at Research Institute of Information Technology, Tsinghua University, Beijing advised by Prof. Dongsheng Wang.

Email zhan4281@umn.edu

Research Experience

University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
SMRMD: a design of Software RAID 5/6 on Host-Aware SMR drives

Design a software RAID 5/6 on Host-Aware SMR drives to mitigate the performance degradations caused by the drive cleanings.

Improving data integrity in Linux Software RAID 5/6 using T10 PI

Design and implement a DIX-aware MD module using T10 PI to solve the integrity losing problem of current MD module in Linux kernel.

Tsinghua University
Construction of big data management systems supporting both OLAP and OLTP

A hybrid system combining relational databases with applications of big structured data processing was designed to construct a general platform supporting both OLAP and OLTP.

Research of I/O scheduling in distributed systems for data-intensive computing

A mathematical model which scheduled the I/O requests among nodes according to their performance was established to improve the system performance by balancing the time cost among nodes.

Research of data joining for geo-distributed cloud

Designed and implemented a method based on a cache mechanism to improve the performance of data joining among geo-distributed Hadoop clouds.


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[3] Chinese Patent: A method and a system for data joining among geo-distributed cloud, Patent No. ZL201410081163.7