WallView - .NET stereo pair viewer

WallView is a stereo pair viewer originally written by Ken Chin-Purcell, but recently I have taken over maintenance of this project.

WallView requires that the .NET Runtime be installed on the machine before you can install or run it.

WallView7 was the last version done by Ken, released Sept 24/2002. you can download it below

WallView8 is my first "official" .NET program, and it is mainly a very small bug-fix release that allowed me to get my feet wet with building things in visual studio and creating installation files. this release fixes the bug where when loading in pairs the first pair would not be displayed until at least one more pair was loaded. the first pair will now be seen. i've also added in hooks so the escape key as well as the Q key will quit the application. most of the other geowall software quits with escape (and some also with Q), so this should make it a bit easier to switch between the various apps.

WallView9 includes the option to "link" image position/zoom. this allows you to swap between multiple pairs and maintain the same screen position and zoom. For example, when viewing stereo pairs of the globe, with each pair including different data, you can find a particular location/zoom within the first pair, then maintain that position when changing to subsequent pairs. this "linked" mode is availaible by passing the command line option "-j" or by checking the "link image positions" checkbox on the main wallview screen. this preference will be saved in the data file so that subsequent viewing of this set of pairs will maintain this setting. older data sets that do not include this setting will have it added and set to it's default of "false" to maintain the old behavior. this version also includes a README file that explains the mouse/keyboard commands.

current plans for upcoming releases include:


Ken's Wingman profile for WallView, WallView.wgp (1085 bytes) [ftp] [http]

Windows .NET setup file (straight from microsoft, 20659224 bytes)

[current version]
WallView9.msi (677888 bytes) [ftp] [http]

WallView9.msi (343040 bytes) [ftp] [http]
WallView8.msi (677888 bytes) [ftp] [http]
WallView7.msi (Ken's last official release, 618496 bytes) [ftp] [http]

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