Ranga Raju Vatsavai

Sensor-KDD 2008 Workshop @ ACM SIGKDD
SSTDM-08 Workshop @ ICDM Conference

Knowledge Discovery from Sensor Data
by Ganguly, Gama, Omitaomu, Gaber, and Vatsavai (Editors). CRC Press. 2008

After spending six exciting years (1999-2004) in dual role of Research Fellow in Remote Sensing Laboratory and Ph.D student in Computer Science and Engineering Department, I finally moved to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2006-) with a brief stop at IBM-Research (India Research Laboratory, 2004-2006). My thesis advisor was Prof. Shashi Shekhar. My broad research interests are centered around spatial, spatiotemporal databases and data mining, computational geoinformatics, and remote sensing.

Here is my DBLP list. Full list of papers can be found here.
I was involved with the design of several extensions to UMN-MapServer.

Current Coordinates:
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
GIST/Computational Science and Engineering Division
One Bethel Valley Road, Oak Ridge, TN 37831.