Who is the guy?

Introduction of myself

40x100 Spacer GIF My name is Yongzhong Tu, which means "be loyal forever". It is not a ringing name, actually, it is somewhat stodgy. But it is given by my parents, so I am proud of it. And, I hope one day this name become as famous as Bill Gates.

Ronald is my English name, which really came from the president of USA, Ronald Reagen. When he was the president, an american English teacher of USTC thought it would be suitable for the president of our class, who was I. That was in 1987. In a certain virtual life, this name was more famous than my given birth name. What makes me happy is that I have the same name as Ronald Knuth. 

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As to my gender, I hope no body would be so stupid as to mix fire with ice!

Fortunately and unfortunately, I am single now. You may ask "What's wrong with you?", as to the reply, I would like to suggest you ask the same question to those beautiful single girls. (This paragraph is no longer applicable.) 

Please don't ask me my weight and height. These two numbers are always bigger than those of typical boys.

I was born in Hefei, Anhui province, P.R.China in October,1968. You can never imagine what I have experienced in the past years. Any way, thank God, I am rich in the experience. What else do I need when a person has lived through the Culture Revolution Years, seen the great transformation there after, and will go into the 21st century? I only regret that I have wasted too much time on trivial things. How I wish everything can go back!

I like sports very much. Almost all kinds of Chinese sports news attract my attention. In order to be regarded as a real sports fan, I play badminton and am an agressive player. But don't worry if you want to play badminton with me, since I cannot play for more than 1 hour. I also play some card games, and go, computer games and so on. Before I got near-sighted, I was a good basketball player.

The world is brilliant, I love life. I like music, novels, films, handwriting, painting and stamp collecting. I had been a singer when I was young. My brush handwriting had won me prizes. I always collect used stamps for my younger sister. Sometimes I may write a couple of poems when I am moved by the sound of the nature. If I could live on arts, maybe I would have been an artist. 

But finally, I have become a researcher. I am curious about anything in the world, and always totally captured by the marvelous miracle of the universe. I have spent 27 years in school. But it does not mean that I am a stupid student, my school record is completely contrary to it. The real reason is that I like to learn as much as possible. 

My character is gentle and humorous. You will find the pleasure of life in my company. To help others makes me happy. If you need help, do not hesitate to call me. Otherwise you deprive me the right to be happy!