Anand Tripathi
           Department of  Computer Science & Engineering
           University of Minnesota
           Minneapolis MN 55455

                 612-625-0572 (fax)


For more detailed information about my research please visit Ajanta Project

Office:  EECS Building Room 5-205

Mailing Address:
                                    EECS Building  Room 4-192
                                    200 Union Street SE
                                    Department of  Computer Science
                                    University of Minnesota
                                    Minneapolis MN 55455



             Ph.D. (Electrical Engineering)          1980      University of Texas at  Austin
             M.S. (Electrical Engineering)           1978       University of Texas at Austin
             B. Tech (Electrical Engineering)       1972       Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Professional Affiliations and Service Activities:

Professional Experience:

Teaching Schedule for Fall 2014
CSci 5103  -  Introduction to Operating Systems

Research Interests:

Ajanta - A System for Research in Mobile Internet Agents
An experimental version of this system was released May, 1999 .

Latest version was released in August 2003 for Java 2 security model.

Distributed  systems and programming paradigms, operating systems,
object-oriented programming  languages and systems,  fault-tolerant computing

Graduate Students:

Current Students: 

                Vinit Padhye (Ph.D. student)

                 Tara Sasank Sunkara               

Recent Graduates:

                Devdatta Kulkarni               Ph.D. (Robust and Secure Context-Aware Computing)

                John Eberhard                   Ph.D. (Object Caching in Distributed Systems)
                Tanvir Ahmed                     Ph.D. (Secure distributed collaboration systems)

                Robert Miller                      Ph.D.  Exception handling in object-oriented and asynchronous systems 


Selected Recent Publications:

Please see the Ajanta project webpage for recent publications and reports on my current research activities.