I want to build software to help people learn languages

I am passionate about


I believe that technology helps bring the world closer together and enables more people than ever before to play an active role in this process.

That is why I pursued a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Minnesota. In particular, I am deeply interested in Human Computer Interaction, online communities, and mobile applications. Some recent projects include:

I worked as part of the research team developing this geographic wiki for cyclists in Minnesota.

Cyclopath Android App
I was the lead for creating the mobile version of Cyclopath.

I am passionate about


I believe that teaching and learning are two of the greatest joys in life and that technology is key to making education more enjoyable, personal, and immersive.

I currently teach HTML and Web Fundamentals at a local college and have had opportunities to teach an introductory Java programming course and to assist in teaching and mentoring for a User Interface Design course.

I have helped English learners practice English through language exchange or private tutoring for more than two years.

I also have more than three years of experience teaching small youth groups, where I was able to try out many creative active learning techniques.

I am passionate about


I believe that learning a foreign language is not only useful for communication, but is also a powerful sign of respect toward other cultures.

For this reason, I dedicate a lot of my free time to learning languages. For the moment, I can speak:

Native level. I grew up in Puerto Rico, where Spanish was my mother tongue.

Intermediate level (JLPT N2 certified). I learned Japanese mostly through self-study and have enjoyed practicing it through language exchange and homestay in Japan.

Intermediate level (HSK 3 certified). I took one year of Chinese in college and continue to practice it through language exchange. I was also fortunate enough to immerse myself in the language and culture while doing research in Dalian, China for three months.

I am passionate about


I believe that diversity of cultures, genders, beliefs, personalities, and backgrounds is essential in work and in life.

During the past few years, I have been involved with many cultural associations that have given me opportunities to: