E V S L :   EigenValues Slicing Library   -- (Version 1.1.0)

This version dated : Wed Aug 9 12:50:29 CDT 2017

Welcome to release 1.1.0 of EVSL (the EigenValues Slicing Library). EVSL provides routines for computing eigenvalues located in a given interval, and their associated eigenvectors, of real symmetric - standard or generalized eigenvalue problems. It also provides tools for spectrum slicing, i.e., the technique of subdividing a given interval into p smaller subintervals and computing the eigenvalues in each subinterval independently. EVSL implements a polynomial filtered Lanczos (thick restart, no restart) a rational filtered Lanczos (thick restart, no restart), and a polynomial filtered subspace iteration.
The technical reports listed below provide details on the techniques used in the package. Online documentation (based on Doxygen) is available - see below. This new version has much added functionality relative to version 1.0. Most notably:

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EVSL is a continuing team effort. So far this effort has involved: Yousef Saad, Ruipeng Li, Yuanzhe Xi, Luke Erlandson, Eugene Vecharinsky, and Chao Yang. If you are interested in contributing to the effort contact us.

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Download: EVSL version 1.1.0 (EVSLv1.1.0.zip)

The package will see frequent updates. If you wish to follow the development of EVSL, get minor updates, or recent releases, see the github site:

Yousef Saad    

Documentation :     (Doxygen based)

Work supported by:     NSF (CISE-AF) and DOE (SCIDAC)

Note: EVSL is different from Filtlan. Filtlan -- also available for downloads from this website -- was developed mainly by Haw-ren Fang (released in 2011-2012). Written in C++, it implements primarily a non-restarted filtered Lanczos algorithm using very different polynomial filters.