Job Listing for Academic Positions in Computer Science

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Job Listing (Data Mining and Databases) outside Academia

Career Journal from the Wall Street Journal

KDnuggets Job Listing

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Useful Resources for Academic Job Search

* A Comprehensive Academic Job Interview Resource Listing, by MIT Career.

* Grad Career Guide by Graduate School at UMN.

* Tips for a Massive Academic Job Search, by Spertus, E.

* The Academic Job Search in Mathematics, Mathematical Association of America, by Rishel, T. W.

* What If I've Never Heard of This Place?, by Fant, G. Jr., The Chronicle of Higher Education.

* Ideal Faculty Candidate by Paul Cohen

* Taulbee Survey by CRA

* Carnegie Classification of Higher Education by Carnegie Foundation

* Academic Job Searching Tips by Luis Gravano

* Academic Advice compiled by Michael Ernst

* Landing an Academic Job (PDF) by Jonathan Danzig

* On Presenting a Scientific Talk by Oliver Danvy

* Tips on the Job Interview Process by Jean Wing

Research Tips

* Tips on research and writing, by Renée Miller

* Academic Advice by Toby Walsh

* Database and Data Mining Research for Beginners by Donghui Zhang

* How to Present a Paper in Theoretical Computer Science: A Speaker's Guide for Students, by Ian Parberry

* Tips for a Presentation, by Scott Baxter


Last updated : Jan 19, 2005