A Survey on Spatial Time Series Data Mining by Alex Zhang

Survey and Bibliography

A Survey on Spatial Data Mining: Progress and Challenges

Temporal Data Mining: An Overview

A Comparison of Access Methods for Time-Evolving Data

Survey on Time Series

Spatial Databases: Accomplishments and Research Needs

Temporal Database Bibliography Update

Knowledge Discovery in Time Series Databases

Temporal, Spatial, and Spatio-Temporal Data Mining Bibliography By J. Roddick et al.

A Survey of Temporal Knowledge Discovery Paradigms and Methods

Another Spatial, and Spatio-Temporal Data Mining Bibliography

Time Series Data Mining Archive In UC Riverside, Bibliography



Mining and Indexing Time Series Data, ICDM 2001 by Dr.  Keogh

Tutorial on Time Series Similarity Measures, SIGMOD 2001 by Dr. Gunopulos and Dr. Das

Dr. Shasha's Tutorial about Time Series

Time Series Analysis


Recent Conference

First Int'l Workshop on Temporal, Spatial, and Spatio-temporal Data Mining, France (Sep, 2000)

ICML Workshop on Machine Learning for Spatial and Temporal Data (Jun, 2001)

Seventh International Symposium on Spatial and Temporal Databases (Jul, 2001)

IJCAI Workshop on Learning from Temporal and Spatial Data (Aug, 2001)

KDD 2001 Workshop on Temporal Data Mining (Aug, 2001)

IMA Workshop on Time Series Analysis and Applications to Geophysical Systems, MN (Nov, 2001)

KDD 2002 Workshop on Temporal Data Mining (Aug, 2002)



Oracle Spatial User's Guide and Reference

Oracle8i Time Series User's Guide





Groups and people

Dr. Kriegel's Spatial Data Mining

Temporal Databases in GMU

UC Riverside: Dr. Gunopulos and Dr.  Keogh

Dr. J. Han

Dr. C. Faloutsos

Dr. R. Ng

Dr. G. Das


Spatial Data Mining Group In UMN


Spatial and Temporal Implementations

Spatial Index Demos

Spatial Index Library from UCR

Source code of multidimentional indexing techniques from CTI(Greece)