August 2012: After 3 years (or less) of hard work and fast food consumption in the beautiful Minnesota (best known for its mild-mannered people and terrible weather), I graduated with a ph.d. degree from the computer science department. Since then I moved to the east coast, where I am now working at Verisign labs as a research scientist. You can stalk me here.

September 2012: To address (or magnify) the problem of peer pressure, I am now on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

October 2013: Since I graduated from Minnesota I got hooked on long distance running! My first race was a marathon, and I finished it honorably.

April 2014: Still enjoying the hard work, and to a lesser extent the fast food (by the virtue of becoming vegetarian). Thanks to the hard work, I am now a senior research scientist at verisign labs. Thanks to lesser fast food consumed, I lost 30% of my weight.

June 2014: because a marathon isn't enough pain, I moved to the world of trail and ultra running. I ran in the Northface Endurance Challenge - D.C., and I liked it. I will sign up for the 50 miler version of 2015.

August 2014: I am going to run the Twin Cities Marathon (Oct 5) and Marine Corps (Oct 26). For the Marine Corps race, I am raising funds for TeensRunDC. See you there.

October 2014: I ran in the Twin Cities Marathon (3:35) and the MArine Corps Marathon (3:43), which were 3 weeks apart and killed me. Until further announcements, I am not running any road marathon, and will focus on trail races (slower and more enjoyable) and short (i.e., 13.1 miles or less) road races. I am running the OBX half in 2014, and Reston half in 2015.