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Ngo^ Ha` va` FPT

Tu*o*?ng ba'c Ngo^ Ha` la` ai, hoa' ra la` Ha` FPT. Tui co' ma^'y vu. d-u.ng
d^. vo*'i ba'c d-a^'y, hi vo.ng tui ke^? chuye^.n na`y ra ba'c se~ nho*' tui
la` ai.

Tru*o*'c kia ma.ng FPT co' mo^.t ma.ng nho? go.i la` ma.ng tri' tue^.
Vietnam cho ngu*o*`i du`ng va`o thoa?i ma'i. Khi d-o', ai cu~ng co' account,
tha ho^` access va`o chatting va` d-o.c chuye^.n ba^.y ba. Tui cu~ng co'
mo^.t ca'i account tre^n d-o'. Tre^n TTVN, tuy co' quen vo*'i mo^.t ba.n
te^n la` Ta^m, thu*.c ra la` ba.n cu?a ca^.u ba.n tui, chi? chatting nhu*ng
chu*a bao gio*` ga(.p ma(.t. Va`o na(m cuo^'i Dai Hoc, dang la`m do^` an',
ca? mo^.t na(m tui kho^ng connect va`o ma.ng do'. De^'n mo^.t ho^m, khi d-o'
tru*o*'c khi tui ba?o ve^. 1 tua^`n, co' mo^.t cu' dt de^'n nha` tui (do
ba'c Ha` go.i), nha^.n la` Ta^m, ba.n tui o*? FTP ho?i ve^` vie^.c ma^'y
ho^m nay co' connect va`o FPT kho^ng, co' gu*?i gi` le^n ma.ng kho^ng.
Sau mo^.t lu'c mo*'i vo*~ le~ ra ra(`ng, co' tha(`ng na`o do' du`ng account
cua? tui gu*?i le^n ma.ng mo^.t con virus. Ca'c chu' kha'c xa^'u so^',
download xuo^'ng, mo^.t va`i chu' da~ bi. format he^'t pha^`n me^`m.
Chuye^.n na`y kho^ng pha?i do tui la`m ra, nhu*ng vi` ai d-o' du`ng account
cu?a tui ne^n tui ngay la^.p tu*'c d-e^'n tru. so*? FPT cu`ng mo^.t ngu*o*`i
ba.n d-e^? xem su*. vie^.c
Tui du*o*.c mo*`i va`o pho`ng ho.p. Mo^.t la't sau, co' ba'c Ha`, va`
Tru*o*ng D-i`nh Anh, admin cu?a ma.ng FPT bu*o*'c va`o. Chu'ng to^i cha`o
nhu*ng ho. kho^ng cha`o la.i. Co^ phu.c vu. mang nu*o*'c va`o cho 4
ngu*o*`i, ho. uo^'ng nhu*ng kho^ng mo*`i chu'ng to^i. Va` Tru*o*ng Di`nh Anh
ba('t d-a^`u ba`i chu*?i cu?a mi`nh. Ca^.u a^'y chu*?i la^u la('m, ma('ng
chu'ng to^i tha^.m te^, d-u*a ra nhu*~ng vi' du ngo*' nga^?n nhu* la` ma`y
chu*?i ba^.y o*? d-a^y thi` kho^ng sao, nhu*ng khi ra tru*o*'c co^ng chu'ng
chu*?i bo*'i thi` la` pha.m to^.i hay vi' du. ve^` kha^?u su'ng gi` do' ma`
tui kho^ng nho*'. Sau do' doa., kie^?u nhu* ma^'y tha(`ng sinh vie^n chu'ng
ma`y nghi.ch vo*' nghi.ch va^?n, tao se~ gu*?i thu* ve^` tru*o*`ng ma`y
ba('t di`nh chi? kho^ng cho ba?o ve^. d-o^` a'n.
No'i cha'n, chu' a^y' nha^'p nuo*'c. Tui da~ no'ng ga'y la('m ro^`i. Nhu*ng
ca^.u ba.n tui ngo^`i ca.nh d-o' da' cha^n lie^n tu.c Chu'ng to^i ba('t
da^`u xin lo^~i, va` ma(.c du` d-o' kho^ng pha?i do tui ga^y ra, nhu*ng do
account d-o' la` cu?a tui, ne^n tui xin chi.u tra'ch nhie^.m. Tui sa(~ng
a(`ng d-e^'n ca'c na.n nha^n, ca`i da(.t la.i cho ho. pha^`n me^`m ne^'u FPT
d-o^`ng y' hay la`m ba^'t cu*' gi` de^? ha.n che^' thie^.t hai.
Tru*o*ng Dinh Anh cha(?ng the`m no'i gi`, d-u*'ng da^.y, no'i to^i "ve^`
vie^'t mo^.t ba?n tu*o*`ng tri`nh, le^n no^.p de^? ha('n xem xe't ro^`i cu'p
d-i't d-i tha(?ng ra cu*?a.
Theo d-e^` nghi., tui da~ vie^'t mo^.t ba?n, d-e^'n FTP cung ki'nh no^.p,
va` khi d-o' mo*'i bie^'t chi'nh FPT go.i d-ie^.n de^'n nha` tui cu~ng la`
die^.n thoa.i na(.c danh, la^'y te^n mo^.t ngu*o*`i ba.n cu?a tui de^? go.i
Bo.n ba.n tui bie^'t chuye^.n na`y, tu*'c la('m. Chu'ng no' ba?o, ta.i
tha(`ng FPT ngu, la`m ma.ng gi` ma` kho^ng co' security, mo.i ngu*o*`i co'
the^? tu*. do post chu*o*ng tri`nh le^n va` download chu*o*ng tri`nh
xuo^'ng. Chu'ng no' no'i la` ta.i sao de^'n ba^y gio*` mo*'i sa^.p.
Mo^.t so^' chu' co`n tu*'c thay cho to^i, ve^` nha` vie^'t ngay ra ma^'y con
virus, gu*?i le^n. Nhu*ng lu'c na`y FPT da~ ca?nh gia'c ho*n, om ba`i cu?a
mo.i ngu*o*`i, kie^?m tra tru*o*'c khi d-a(ng.
Va`o lu'c d-o', ai cu~ng ba^.n la`m d-o^` a'n ne^n mo.i vie^.c cu~ng qua di.
Ve^` sau, tui co' ga(.p la.i ba'c Ha` nhie^`u la^`n, nhu*ng ba'c Ha` cha(?ng
nho*' tui la` ai. Co' mo^i~ to^i la` nho*' ma(.t ba'c. La.i co' la^`n nhi`n
tha^'y TD Anh tre^n tivi d-u*o*.c gia?i gi` d-o' nu*a~ chu*'.

Tui xin lo^~i ba'c Ha` ne^'u tui no'i die^`u gi` do' kho^ng pha?i. Nhu*ng
tui kho^ng ba(`ng lo`ng vo*'i ca'c ba'c ve^` ca'ch cu* xu*? cu?a ca'c ba'c
nga`y ho^m d-o'.
Xin ba'c Ha` lu*o*.ng thu*'. Tui hie^.n cu~ng co' 1 account Internet cu?a
ba'c, va^~n de^'n tra? tie^`n ba'c de^`u ha`ng tha'ng.
Cha`o ca'c ba'c

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From: HaNgo <hango@vnn.vn>
To: Multiple recipients of list <vnsa-l@csd.uwm.edu>
Date: Saturday, September 12, 1998 2:04 AM
Subject: Re: xa`i ke' Internet

>HUY DUONG wrote:
>> >Va^.y la` nha^.n xe't cu?a ba'c Thieu se~ la` sai ne^'u cho ra(`ng
>> >ca'c
>> >chu' co'
>> >the^? xoay xo+? theo con ddu+o+`ng na`y nhe'.
>> Ne^'u a<n tro^.m account cua? ngu+o+`i kha'c thi`
>> la`...a<n tro^.m va` kho^ng -du+o+.c, nhu+ng xa`i ke'
>> hay xa`i chung 1 account ro^`i chia tie^`n thi` -da^u co'
>> sao hi?? To^i kho^ng nghi~ la` ba'c Thie^.u no'i la`
>> xoay xo+? ba<`ng ca'ch a<n tro^.m.
>Hi ba'c Huy Duong,
>Theo nguye^n ta('c mo^.t acc. co' the^? co' nhie^`u ngu+o+`i du`ng vi`
>va^.y admin kho^ng can thie^.p khi tha^'y nhie^`u ngu+o+`i va`o cu`ng
>mo^.t acc.
>Y' ba'c Thieu no'i o+? dda^y "xa`i ke'" la`  co' ngu+o+`i na`o ddo'
>ba(`ng ca'ch na`y hay ca'ch no. cho^m ddu+o+.c acc.  va` passwd. cu?a
>ngu+o+`i kha'c dde^? mi`nh du`ng va` cho(tha^.m chi' la` ba'n gia' re?,
>hoa(.c du`ng la`m khuye^'n ma.i khi ba'n ma'y ti'nh nhu+ " cho du`ng
>mie^~n phi' internet 6 tha'ng" ...) nhu+~ng ngu+o+`i tie^'p sau ddo'
>du`ng . Va^.y la` ke? thu+' nha^'t la` tha(`ng a(n tro^.m ro~ nghi~a
>ro^`i. Co`n ngu+o+`i thu+' hai, ba,... tra(m... la` "xa`i ke'"- theo
>nghi~a ba'c Thieu no'i ddo'. Co' pha?i kho^ng ba'c Thieu ? Thu+.c ra
>kho^? chu? la` ngu+o+`i co' acc. va^~n cu+' pha?i tra? tie^`n cho mo^.t
>loa.t ngu+o+`i du`ng tro^.m va` nhu+ ba'c Thieu ne^u co' co+ quan pha?i
>tra? dde^'n 25 trie^.u ddo^`ng cho mo^.t tha'ng/1 acc. la` nhu+ va^.y
>Sa'ng nay chu'ng to^i gia?i quye^'t tru+o+`ng ho+.p dda^`u tie^n khie^'u
>na.i ve^` cu+o+'c. O^ng GD cho ra(`ng chi? co' mi`nh o^ng va` co^ thu+
>ky' du`ng tho^i ne^n kho^ng the^? dde^? lo^. ra ngoa`i ddu+o+.c va`
>ddo^? lo^~i cho phi'a nha` cung ca^'p la` la`m lo^. passwd cu?a ho.va`
>kho^ng chi.u tra'ch nhie^.m tra? tie^`n. Sau khi xa'c minh mo^.t va`i
>so^' ddie^.n thoa.i truy nha^.p internet acc. na`y ta.i tho+`i ddie^?m
>lo^. passwd thi` ho. khai nha^.n la` dda~ dde^'n chu+~a modem, sau khi
>chu+~a thi` pha?i thu+? truy nha^.p internet. Co^ thu+ ky'  ddo.c passwd
>cho ho va`o, sau ddo' kho^ng ddo^?i passwd ne^n ngu+o+`i na`y ve^` dda~
>cho lan truye^`n ra kha('p no+i. Tha^'t thoa't le^n dde^'n 12 trie^.u
>ddo^`ng. Sau khi chu+'ng minh ddu+o+.c nhu+ va^.y thi` kha'ch ha`ng ddo'
>ddo^`ng y' tra? toa`n bo^. tie^`n cu+o+'c. Ve^` phi'a nha` cung ca^'p
>chu'ng to^i dda~ hu+'a se~ giu'p ho. tho^'ng ke^ toa`n bo^. so^' cu+o+'c
>cu?a nhu+~ng ngu+o+`i "du`ng ke'" va` ho^~ tro+. ho. thu ho^`i la.i.
>Tru+o+`ng ho+.p ne^'u ho. muo^'n khie^'u kie^.n ra pha'p lua^.t thi`
>cha('c cha('n la` nhu+~ng ngu+o+`i "du`ng ke'" kia pha?i ha^`u toa`
>ro^`i.Tua^`n sau dde^'n lu+o+.t VP tho^ng tin su+' qua'n My~ bi.
>ngu+o+`i ta "xa`i ke'" ma^'t khoa?ng 40 trie^.u ddo^`ng trong hai tha'ng
>va` cu~ng ddo^? ta.i phi'a nha` cung ca^'p ne^n kho^ng tra? tie^`n.
>Ngu+o+`i Vie^.t mi`nh dda'nh du ki'ch kha('p no+i kho^ng tu+` ca? su+'
>qua'n My~ dda^u ma`.Ke^? ca? khi ngu+o+`i My~ ra^'t cha(.t trong qua?n
>ly': ma'y ti'nh trang bi. tu+` nu+o+'c ngoa`i, ho?ng ho'c ddo'ng go'i
>sang Tha'i Lan chu+~a. Va^.y lo^. theo con ddu+o+`ng na`o ? Ke^'t qua?
>ho^`i sau ca'c ba'c se~ ddu+o+.c ro~ nhe'.
>Ngo Ha

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