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Hu? Tu.c To^n Giao

Cha`o cac bac,
To^i nghe tin la` Vo^ Thu+o+.ng Su+ Thanh Ha?i  (chu+`ng 45 tuo^?i)
vu+`a mo+i le^n xe hoa (i't nha^'t la` la^`n thu+ 4), la^y mo^.t
thanh nie^n VN 24 tuo^?i, ne^n co va`i lo+`i ba`n  ve^` hie^.n
tu+o+.ng ky` quai Thanh Ha?i (TH) na`y.  To^i xin noi tru+o+c la`
to^i kho^ng co y cho^ng la.i to^n giao, ma` chi? ddu+a ra ~ tinh
de^~ tin, me^ tin cu?a da^n ta, noi chung la` ~ hu? tu.c to^n giao,
dde^? ba`n ca?i the^m.  Ba'c na`o bie^'t ro? ho+n ve^` TH, hoa(.c co'
quan ddie^?m kha'c xin cho to^i ddu+o+.c ho.c ho?i.

Hu? tu.c 1:  Ta.i sao ngu+o+`i Vie^.t ta la.i de^~ tin nhu+ va^.y.
Theo to^i bie^t thi` sau ddo+`i cho^`ng thu+ 3 ba` TH co  xua^t
gia o+? Taiwan, bi. dda^?y ddi New York, qua A^n ho.c thie^`n, ve^`
Taiwan mo+? tru+o+`ng da.y thie^`n.  To^i co xem video cu?a ba`
nhu+ng kho^ng tha^y ba` gia?ng gia?i gi` ve^` Pha^.t Giao ca?, ma`
cach noi chuye^.n cu?a ba` co ve? it hie^?u bie^t.  Ba` dda~ bo?
tro^n Taiwan vi` bi. chinh quye^`n lu`ng ba(t ve^` to^.i tro^n
thue^ va` bie^?n la^.n.  Nhie^`u to^? chu+c Pha^.t Giao xem ba` la`
thu+ gia? ma.o - fraud.  Khi noi chuye^.n, ba` va` dde^. tu+? cu+
xu+ng ba` la` Pha^.t so^ng  hoa(.c su+ phu. va` ba` co the^? bie^n
ngu+o+`i theo ba` tha`nh Pha^.t ddu+o+.c ma` kho^ng ca^`n tu ti?nh gi`
ca?.   Ga^`n dda^y, ba` co ra  ~  video ma` ba` a(n ma(.c ho+? hang
dde^? nha?y dda^`m, ca hat, nga^m tho+, etc...  Noi chung la` tu+`
cach noi chuye^.n dde^n lo^i so^ng ba` kho^ng co ve? gi` la`
mo^.t tu si~ Pha^.t Giao ca?.  Va^.y ma` ra^t nhie^`u Vie^.t Kie^`u
theo ba` dde^n ban nha` ban cu?a, bo? ca? co^ng vie^.c.  Nhu+~ng
bo^. qua^`n ao ba` ma(.c xong ddu+o+.c ddem ban dda^u gia cho tin
ddo^` vi` dda~ ddu+o+.c ba` "ban phep".  Panty hose cu? cu?a ba`
ddu+o+.c ban dde^n ha`ng $1000.   Trong video co ca?nh ba` TH ma(.c
ao ta(m ta(m so^ng.  Khi ba` ddi qua, tin ddo^` cui dda^`u kha^n
la.y  va` muc nu+o+c so^ng (thanh) hup su`m su.p.  Kho^ng chi?
Vie^.t Kie^`u ma` da^n Vie^.t trong nu+o+c cu~ng bi. ddanh lu+`a. 
Trong to+` Co^ng An The^ Gio+i TP HCM 2/27/98 qua co ba`i bao cao
vu. dde^. tu+? cu?a ba` TH ve^` VN cu~ng do+~ ~ tro` bi.p bo+.m
tu+o+ng tu+. ke^? ca? ban la.i qua^`n ao cu? cu?a ngu+o+`i dde^.
tu+?.  So^ tin ddo^` TH, ~ ngu+o+`i bi. ddanh lu+`a ca? ti`nh la^~n
tie^`n , co kha ddo^ng tu+` Ba(c ra Trung va` va`o Nam.

2.  Hu? Tu.c 2: Ta.i sao ma` ba` TH co to^? chu+c thu+o+ng ma.i
buo^n Chua ban Pha^.t gio?i nhu+ va^.y?
To^i ra^t tha^t vo.ng ve^` ba` TH khi xem cuo^n video TH vi` kho^ng
ngo+` da^n Vie^.t ta la.i de^~ bi. bi.p bo+.m nhu+ va^.y.  Tuy nhie^n
to^i pha?i noi la` to^? chu+c thu+o+ng ma.i ddu+ng sau lu+ng ba`
ra^t gio?i ve^` cach la`m tie^`n.   Tu+` cach tung tin ddo^`n ve^`
quye^`n phap cu?a ba`,  cach to^? chu+c cac "lo+p" ho.c Pha^.t
phap, ~ buo^?i "thuye^t phap", ~ chuye^n ha`nh hu+o+ng,du. do^~
ti'n ddo^` gia` tre?  in va` ban sach-bao-video-CD o+? cac ti?nh
lo+n, to^? chu+c dda.i nha.c ho^.i , tuye^?n mo^. tin ddo^` o+?
cac nu+o+c, cho dde^n cach khuye^n du. tin ddo^` hie^n he^t
ta`i sa?n cho ba`, ... ta^t ca? dde^`u co ve? ddu+o+.c to^? chu+c
chu ddao.  Ngoa`i ra ba` TH cu~ng bie^t cach la^y lo`ng chinh
quye^`n My? qua cach cho tie^`n u+ng cu+? vie^n Clinton, cac na.n
nha^n regugees, chay ru+`ng hoa(.c ba?o lu.t (ma.c da^`u to^i nghe
pha^`n lo+n chi? la` hu+a cuo^.i).  Ai la` to^? chu+c thu+o+ng ma.i
ddu+ng dda(`ng  sau lu+ng ba` TH ma` buo^n Chua ban Pha^.t mo^.t
cach ta`i ti`nh nhu+ va^.y?  

3.  Hu? Tu.c 3: Ta.i sao mo^.t so^ gio+i truye^`n tho^ng va` nghe^.
si~ VN la.i de^~ bi. mua chuo^.c nhu+ va^.y?
To^i ddo.c tin ba` TH co to^? chu+c ~ buo^?i ho.p bao ma` mo^~i ky
gia? tham du+. ddu+o+.c "ta(.ng" $200 dde^? ddu+o+.c co ~ ba`i bao
thua^.n lo+.i .  Ga^`n dda^y ba` TH co tra? tie^`n mo^.t so^ nghe^.
si~ no^~i tie^ng nhu+ Pha.m Duy, Khanh Ly, Kie^`u Chinh, Ba.ch
Ye^n, Tran Quang Ha?i, ... dde^? la`m video va` dda.i nha.c ho^.i.   
Nhu+~ng nghe^. si~ na`y dda~ le^n sa^n kha^u ca tu.ng co^ng ddu+c
cu?a su phu. TH ta^.n ti`nh.  

Buo^n Chua ban Pha^.t  la` tro` thu+o+`ng ti`nh o+? mo.i xa? ho^.i. 
VN ta hay co tro` ddo^`n dda.i nha` tho+` nay` linh, mua la ca^y
nha` tho+` la`m thuo^c chu?a ba be^.nh, chu`a no. thie^ng, mua
nu+o+c chu`a uo^ng se~ ddu+o+.c ddo^. tri`.  O+? My? ga^`n dda^y co
cac vu. Jonestown va` Wacko ma` tin ddo^` bi. bi.p bo+.m tu+. tu+?
che^t ha`ng 100 ma.ng.  Ngay tu+` tho+`i Trung Co^?, gia ddi`nh Pope
Benedict IX dda~ mua chu+c va` O^ le^n la`m Giao Hoa`ng luc  chi?
12 tuo^?i na(m 1032.   Bie^t va^.y nhu+ng mo^~i la^`n tha^y ca?nh
buo^n ban to^n giao thi` tha^.t ddang buo^`n.

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