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VN/News-Tin Trg nuoc- KTTB+VDC-012099

Russian general consulate opened in Da Nang from January 11,1999

(VET)- The Consulate Department under Foreign Ministry accepted Mr.
Smagulove Zhumagatovich as the head of Russian General Consulate in Da
Nang City accoring to its official note dated December 26, 1998. 

Russian General Consulate is based at No 22 Tran Phu Street, Da Nang
City, telephone to contact is 822380. 

An Giang : The first rice processing plant starts its operation

(VET)-The first rice processing plant of An Giang province has started

its operation since January 18, 1999.  The plant with the total capital
of US$ 2.5 million is located in an area of 4,000 square meters.  The
capacity of the plant is 25,000 tons / year and the products of the
plant will be directly exported to Japan. 

HCMC in short of skilled workers

(VET)- HCMC is in short supply of skilled workers, that is the
conclusion of the city's Labor Department at a seminar held in the city
last week. 

A survey shows that the city lacks 32 percent of the technicians, but is
over -supplied with 17 percent of unskilled workers. 

The statistics show that there are now over 3 million workers, or 59
percent of the city population.  330,000 workers work for the state run

enterprises; 500,000 workers for non state run and the rest work for
other economic sectors. 

Ha Long Canned food company sells its shares to foreigners

(VET)- Ha Long Canned Food Company known as Canfoco of the sea
port city of Hai Phong is reported to have worked out a plan for the
sales of its shares to foreigners, after it has obtained the license
from the government. 

Mr.  Doan Van Phuc, chief of the Canfoco branch in the HCMC was quoted
as saying that his company has the registered capital of VND 27.5
billion, 30 percent of which will be sold to foreigners, and he
disclosed that one company from Libya and another one from Germany have
already registered to buy the shares of this company.  These two
companies have been traditionally the clients of Canfoco. 


VinaTea needs more markets for its tea

(VET)- Seeking new foreign market for its tea is the top priority for
Vietnam Tea Corporation (Vinatea) in 1999.  Other tasks the Vinatea need
to fulfill this year will include introducing more quality strains,
enriching soil, building new green houses and establishing high yield
cultivation areas in the northern and mountainous province of Lai Chau. 
Last year fresh tea buds rose 13 percent to 29,000 tons and dried tea
buds rose 108 percent to 4,450 tons and the processed tea rose 17
percent to nearly 18,000 tons in 1998 over the previous year. 

Vietnam exported 18.890 tons of tea of various types earning US$ 41
million, or up 40 percent in terms of the volume and 59 percent in terms
of its revenues. 

Smuggling of wild animals uncovered

(VET)- 550 kg of wild animals including snakes, civets, tortoires, and

frogs were seized last week while being transported on board the two
trucks in Tan My village, Yen Dung district of Bac Giang province, 40 km
north of Hanoi.The case is being further investigated. 

Bulgaria to replace Myanma soccer team at Dunhill Cup tournament

(VET)- Bulgarian soccer team will replace Myanman soccer team at the
Dunhill soccer Cup tournament to be held late this month in HCMC
following the withdrawal of the Myanma team from the event. 

Myanma soccer officials said because of the poor performance of their
team at the Tiger Cup held last August in Hanoi, it would not be
expected to play well, so they should not send the team to play at this

Mr.  Alfred Riddle, coach for Vietnam national team was quoted as saying
that he expected that Bulgaria would send a mix of national players and
outstanding younger players to the events.  He added they would be a
strong side and there is no doubt about it. 

The inclusion of Bulgaria to the tournament will give a bigger challenge
to the highly fancied Iranian team, which Riddle thought would be the
favorite to win. 

About 500 newly born babies infected with HIV each year

(VET)_ At a two- day conference on AIDS prevention held in Hanoi
between January 19 and January 20 Health Minister Do Nguyen Phuong said
HIV infection has been spread to all 61 provinces in the country. 

As of mid January 11,681 people have been found infected with HIV,2,231
of whom had been aflicted by AIDS; and 1,180 people have so far died of
the AIDS.  He warned that itis quite alarming that the HIV infection has
spread among the teenagers in many northern provinces of Quang Ninh,
Lang Son, Hai Phong and so on.  And in some cases all family members
have died of AIDS and the number of pregnant women infected with HIV is
on the rise and about 500 newly born babies are said to be infected with
HIV each year. 

The HIV infections at border provinces have increased and become a
pressing problem.  The Vietnam National Board on AIDS reported that the
virus spread rapidly among drug addicts and prostitutes in provinces
having borders with neighbouring countries. 

The Health Minister warned that the number of HIV infections spreading

through sexual intercourse was showing an alarming increase in the Cuu
Long (Mekong) River delta and the Vietnam-Cambodia border area. 

VND 700 million for VN national team if qualified for semi-final

(VET)- Mr. Pham Ngoc Vien, general secretary of VN Football
Association said if VN national soccer team could advance towards the
semi-final, they will be awarded VND 700 million as bonuses.  US$ 23,000
will be awarded to the coaching by Strata company and US$ 1000 for each
player.  Singapore, the defending champion of Tiger Cup may be facing
Vietnam at the opening match of the Dunhill tournament.  This will be an
interesting one, because Vietnam will have a chance to

revenge for the failure they suffered at the Tiger Cup in Vietnam last


US$ 390,000 to hold Dunhill Cup

(VET)- Strata company has handed Vietnam Football Association and
HCMC Football Association an amount of US$ 390,000 to hold the Dunhill
Cup Soccer Tournament.  This sum includes US$ 250,000 for prizes, US$
100,000 for the repair of the football field and US$ 40,000 for
organization fees.  The airfares for foreign soccer teams are also paid
by Strata comapny. 

Coal industry targets Africa, America and India following export

(VIR)- Approximately 11 million tonnes of Vietnamese coal should be
consumed during this year, a half a million tonne increase on 1998,
according to Vinacoal. 

Of the projection, around three million tonnes should be exported, said
Vinacoal's general director, Doan Van Kien. 


Honda working on new Vietnam-made motorbike model

(VIR)- Honda Vietnam is working on a new motorbike which it believes
should turn many heads on the highly competitive domestic market, a
source at the firm told Vietnam Investment Review. 

The new model, which may turn out to be an automatic, should be
available by the end of this year.  Honda Vietnam's general director,
Haruo Takiguchi, said the company expected to manufacture 150,000
motorcycles this year. 


Dong Nai IZs shrug off regional woes

(VNS) -Shrugging off the effects of the regional economic crisis, the
southern province of Dong Nai's industrial zones, IZs, have attracted
ten new projects capitalised at more than US$50 million. 

Dong Nai lies on a vital traffic artery in the southern provinces'
economic development triangle anchored by HCM City, Vung Tau and Dong


Media helped by Government: Deputy PM

(VNS) Vietnam's media benefits from Government support, Deputy
Prime Minister Pham Gia Khiem has told visiting Thai journalists. 

He said that the Vietnam Journalists Association had been provided
favourable conditions to extend co-operation with media organisations in
Thailand and other members of the Association of Southeast Asian
Nations, ASEAN. 

The delegation discussed ways to boost co-operation and friendship with
Vietnam's journalists in talks with Deputy Chairman and Secretary

General of the VJA, Tran Mai Hanh, during their visit. 

US$100 million earmarked for nation-wide

(VNS)- A six-year project to revitalize Vietnam's universities
represents an educational breakthrough that will help these institutions
keep pace with their counterparts around the globe, says project
executive Nguyen Quang Vinh. 

The three-stage project was launched early this year and will cost a
total of US$ 103.8 million.  About 80 per cent will be drawn from
Official Development Assistance, ODA, while the remainder will come from
the State Budget and the universities themselves. 


***Problems still dog foreign investors

(SGT)- Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Do Ngoc Trinh said
yesterday that foreign investors still has many problems doing business
here despite Government efforts to resolve them. 

Speaking at a meeting of the Foreign Direct Investment Club's southern

branch at the Saigon Times Club, she admitted foreign-invested companies
had many difficulties caused by State policies. 


Moves proposed to resolve VAT problems

(SGT)- The Taxation Department has proposed emergency measures
to help certain businesses overcome difficulties caused by the new VAT. 

Department chief Tran Xuan Thang said yesterday the department had
requested the Government allow a VAT reduction for enterprises trading

in agri-food and aqua-products in order to prevent price rises during
the Lunar New Year holidays. 

However, he declined to unveil how much VAT the department had proposed
be cut. 

These enterprises are now subject to 5% VAT but they cannot deduct input

Major State-owned food trading companies in HCMC have warned several
times that if VAT is not slashed, they will incur losses and will not
even be able to compete with private traders nor keep prices down. 

They also say if there is no emergency solution, inflation will soar as
Tet approaches. 

The department has proposed the Government allow one food company
Vissan, to pay VAT under the deduction method. 

Kinh te^' - Xa~ ho^.i

Gia' cu+o+'c cu?a ma.ng vie^~n tho^ng Ban gia' cu+o+'c To^?ng cu.c Bu+u
ddie^.n cho bie^'t: Gia' cu+o+'c thue^ bao ddie^.n thoa.i co' da^y o+? 
ca'c tha`nh pho^' va^~n giu+~ gia' 68.000dd/ tha'ng thue^ bao, ma'y fax
va^~n gia' nhu+ tru+o+'c.  Rie^ng gia' thue^ bao ddie^.n thoa.i kho^ng
da^y la` 50.000dd/ tha'ng, gia?m 18.000dd/ tha'ng so vo+'i tru+o+'c

Che^' ddo^.  thue^' a'p du.ng ddo^'i vo+'i to^?  chu+'c nu+o+'c ngoa`i
hoa.t ddo^.ng kinh doanh kho^ng theo hi`nh thu+'c Lua^.t DDa^`u tu+ Bo^.
Ta`i chi'nh dda~ ban ha`nh Tho^ng tu+ so^' 169/TT-BTC hu+o+'ng da^~n
che^' ddo^.  thue^' gia' tri.  gia ta(ng va` thu nha^.p doanh nghie^.p
a'p du.ng ddo^'i vo+'i to^?  chu+'c kinh te^' va` ca' nha^n nu+o+'c
ngoa`i hoa.t ddo^.ng sa?n xua^'t kinh doanh ta.i Vie^.t Nam kho^ng
thuo^.c hi`nh thu+'c dda^`u tu+ theo Lua^.t DDTNN ta.i Vie^.t Nam.  Theo
ddo', ddo^'i tu+o+.ng a'p du.ng ta.i Tho^ng tu+ na`y thu+.c hie^.n no^.p
thue^' GTGT theo phu+o+ng pha'p kha^'u tru+` va` thue^' thu nha^.p DN
theo Lua^.t thue^' thu nha^.p.  Ca'c ddo^'i tu+o+.ng kho^ng thuo^.c
pha.m vi a'p du.ng la`: su+?a chu+~a ma'y bay, ta`u bie^?n cho ca'c to^?
chu+'c ca' nha^n Vie^.t Nam ta.i nu+o+'c ngoa`i, thu+.c hie^.n cung
ca^'p ha`ng ho'a ta.i cu+?a kha^?u Vie^.t Nam hoa(.c cu+?a kha^?u
nu+o+'c ngoa`i cho to^?  chu+'c, ca' nha^n Vie^.t Nam theo ho+.p ddo^`ng
mua ba'n thu+o+ng ma.i thua^`n tu'y. 

Pha't Trie^?n Kinh Te^'-xa~ Ho^.i Vu`ng DDo^`ng Ba`o Da^n To^.c La^m
DDo^`ng (Ttxvn 19/1/1999) Theo Ban Da^n to^.c mie^`n nu'i ti?nh La^m
DDo^`ng, na(m 1999 ti?nh se~ dda^`u tu+ 13,5 ti?  ddo^`ng cho ca'c du+. 
a'n pha't trie^?n kinh te^' xa~ ho^.i o+?  mo^.t so^' xa~ ddie^?m va`
vu`ng ddi.nh canh ddi.nh cu+.  Ca'c du+.  a'n tre^n bao go^`m vie^.c
tro^`ng mo+'i va` tro^`ng da(.m 526 ha ca^y co^ng nghie^.p da`i nga`y,
cha(m so'c tre^n 2 nghi`n ha ca^y tro^`ng ca'c loa.i kha'c, la`m mo+'i
38 km ddu+o+`ng giao tho^ng no^ng tho^n, xa^y du+.ng 12 pho`ng ho.c, 1
tra.m xa' va` 1 co^ng tri`nh thu?y lo+.i.  Na(m 1998, ba(`ng ca'c
nguo^`n vo^'n cu?a trung u+o+ng va` ddi.a phu+o+ng, La^m DDo^`ng cu~ng
dda~ dda^`u tu+ tre^n 14,9 ty?  ddo^`ng cho 23 du+.  a'n xa~ ddie^?m va`
10 du+.  a'n ddi.nh canh ddi.nh cu+ dde^?  xa^y du+.ng mo^.t so^' co^ng
tri`nh thu?y lo+.i, tru+o+`ng ho.c, ddu+o+`ng giao tho^ng no^ng tho^n;
giu'p ddo^`ng ba`o ca'c da^n to^.c tro^`ng mo+'i va` cha(m so'c ca^y
co^ng nghie^.p, ca^y a(m qua?, lu'a nu+o+'c va` cha(n nuo^i gia su'c. 
Cu~ng trong na(m qua, ti?nh dda~ dda^`u tu+ 1 ti?  540 trie^.u ddo^`ng
cho ca'c ho^.  ddo^`ng ba`o da^n to^.c kho' kha(n kha'c na(`m ngoa`i
vu`ng cu?a 2 loa.i du+.  a'n no'i tre^n dde^?  khai hoang, tha^m canh
lu'a nu+o+'c va` cha(m so'c ca^y co^ng nghie^.p./. 

Qui ddi.nh mo+'i ve^` ba'n gia' ddie^.n Nga`y 15/1/1999, Tru+o+?ng ban
Va^.t gia' Chi'nh phu?  dda~ co' Quye^'t ddi.nh so^'
04/1999/QDD/BVGCP-TLSX qui ddi.nh gia' ba'n ddie^.n mo+'i phu` ho+.p
vo+'i thue^' GTGT.  Quye^'t ddi.nh ne^u ro~: co' thue^' GTGT vo+'i mu+'c
thue^' sua^'t 10% la` gia' ba'n ddie^.n dde^?  nga`nh ddie^.n thanh
toa'n vo+'i kha'ch ha`ng ky' ho+.p ddo^`ng mua ba'n ddie^.n tru+.c
tie^'p, tho^'ng nha^'t trong ca?  nu+o+'c, chu+a co' thue^' GTGT la`
gia' ddu+o+.c ti'nh toa'n theo hu+o+'ng da^~n cu?a Bo^.  Ta`i chi'nh
ta.i Tho^ng tu+ so^' 146/1998 nga`y 12/11/1998 dde^?  To^?ng co^ng ty
DDie^.n lu+.c Vie^.t Nam la`m ca(n cu+' ti'nh thue^', ke^ khai no^.p
thue^' GTGT, ddu+o+.c Ban Va^.t gia' Chi'nh phu?  qui ddi.nh ta.i va(n
ba?n so^' 116/1998, nga`y 15/12/1998. 

DDo^`ng ba(`ng So^ng Cu+?u Long: bie^'n ddo^.ng gia' ca?  1 so^' ma(.t
ha`ng Ta.i ca'c ti?nh DDBSCL, gia' lu'a ga.o, tha(c pha^?m tu+o+i so^'ng
dda~ ta(ng nhe.  theo quy lua^.t cu?a nhu+~ng nga`y ca^.n Te^'t.  Ha`ng
co^ng nghe^.  pha^?m
(su+~a, bo^.t ngoa.i
nha^.p, bia, nu+o+'c ngo.t trong nu+o+'c) ta(ng ma.nh tu+` 12 - 15%. 
Ha`ng VLXD ta(ng khoa?ng 5%, su+'c mua ma.nh do nhie^`u co^ng tri`nh
dda^?y ma.nh tie^'n ddo^.  thi co^ng dde^?  ba`n giao tru+o+'c Te^'t. 

Hoa`n tha`nh du+.  a'n ve^` khu ddo^ thi.  co^ng nghe^.  cao dda^`u
tie^n cu?a Vie^.t Nam DDoa`n nghie^n cu+'u cu?a Co+ quan Ho+.p ta'c
quo^'c te^' Nha^.t Ba?n (JiCa) dda~ tri`nh le^n Chi'nh phu?  nu+o+'c ta
ba?n du+.  tha?o du+.  a'n nghie^n cu+'u pha't trie^?n khu ddo^ thi. 
co^ng nghe^.  cao Xua^n Mai - Ho`a La.c na(`m ca'ch Ha` No^.i khoa?ng 30
km ve^` phi'a Ta^y.  DDa^y la` khu ddo^ thi.  co^ng nghe^.  cao dda^`u
tie^n o+?  Vie^.t Nam ddu+o+.c Chi'nh phu?  ye^u ca^`u JiCa la^.p du+. 
a'n.  Theo du+.  a'n, dde^'n na(m 2020, khu vu+.c na`y se~ go^`m ca'c
tru+o+`ng dda.i ho.c, vie^.n nghie^n cu+'u, khu co^ng nghe^.  cao, khu
co^ng nghie^.p va` khu nha` o+?  co' to^?ng die^.n ti'ch 7.000 ha.  Du+.
a'n go^`m 3 giai ddoa.n: trong ddo' giai ddoa.n dda^`u ca^`n nguo^`n
vo^'n 82 trie^.u uSD.  DDu+o+.c bie^'t, tha'ng 3-1999, Chi'nh phi' se~
co' tra?  lo+`i chi'nh thu+'c ve^` ba?n du+.  tha?o du+.  a'n tre^n. 

Long an pha't ha`nh co^?  phie^'u mo+'i Thu?  tu+o+'ng Chi'nh phu?  cho
phe'p Co^ng ty co^?  pha^`n che^' bie^'n ha`ng xua^'t kha^?u Long an
pha't ha`nh co^?  phie^'u mo+'i va` ba'n co^?  pha^`n cho nha` dda^`u
tu+ nu+o+'c ngoa`i vo+'i mu+'c kho^ng qua' 30% vo^'n ddie^`u le^.  cu?a
co^ng ty; vie^.c ba'n co^?  pha^`n cho nha` dda^`u tu+ nu+o+'c ngoa`i
chi?  thu+.c hie^.n vo+'i phu+o+ng thu+'c thu tie^`n ma(.t; giao UBND
ti?nh Long an chi?  dda.o co^ng ty co^?  pha^`n na`y xa^y du+.ng
phu+o+ng a'n ba'n co^?  pha^`n cho nha` dda^`u tu+ nu+o+'c ngoa`i va`
phe^ duye^.t phu+o+ng a'n cu?a co^ng ty. 

Nga`nh xa^y du+.ng na(m 1999: o^?n ddi.nh chi?  tie^u ta(ng tru+o+?ng
toa`n nga`nh la` 7,4% Nga`y 18/1/1999, ta.i Ha` No^.i, Bo^.  Xa^y du+.ng
dda~ ho.p toa`n nga`nh vo+'i su+.  tham du+.  cu?a Pho' Thu?  tu+o+'ng
Ngo^ Xua^n Lo^.c dde^?  trie^?n khai nhie^.m vu.  co^ng ta'c na(m 1999
vo+'i mu.c tie^u giu+~ mu+'c ta(ng tru+o+?ng nhu+ mu+'c tha(c hie^.n
cu?a na(m 1998, ddo' la`: Ta(ng tru+o+?ng ve^` xa^y la('p khoa?ng 6%,
ve^` sa?n xua^'t VLXD va` co+ khi' xa^y du+.ng la` 13,6% so vo+'i na(m
1998.  Na(m 1998, nga`nh xa^y da(ng dda~ thu+.c hie^.n ddu+o+.c chi? 
tie^u ta(ng tru+o+?ng toa`n nga`nh la` 7,4% so vo+'i na(m 1997. 

An Giang: Nha` ma'y che^' bie^'n ga.o xua^'t kha^?u cao ca^'p dda^`u
tie^n ddi va`o hoa.t ddo^.ng Sa'ng 18.1, ta.i xa~ Long Xuye^n, nha` ma'y
che^' bie^'n ga.o xua^'t kha^?u cao ca^'p dda^`u tie^n cu?a ti?nh an
Giang, tru+.c thuo^.c Co^ng ty lie^n doanh ANGIMEX - KITOKU, sau 9
tha'ng thi co^ng, dda~ chi'nh thu+'c ddi va`o hoa.t ddo^.ng.  Nha` ma'y
ddu+o+.c xa^y du+.ng tre^n die^.n ti'ch 4.000 m2, vo+'i so^' vo^'n
dda^`u tu+ ho+n 2,5 trie^.u USD, su+?  du.ng co^ng nghe^.  hie^.n dda.i
cu?a nhie^`u nu+o+'c: Ma'y ta'ch ha.t ma`u cu?a Nha^.t, he^.  tho^'ng
lu+.a ta^'m cu?a a'o, ma'y ddo'ng go'i cu?a DDa`i Loan va` ca'c thie^'t
bi.  kha'c do Cty che^' ta.o ma'y SINCO -Vie^.t Nam sa?n xua^'t.  Vo+'i
co^ng sua^'t thie^'t ke^' 25.000 ta^'n ga.o cao ca^'p/ na(m, sa?n pha^?m
cu?a nha` ma'y se~ ddu+o+.c xua^'t tru+.c tie^'p sang Nha^.t. 

Qua?ng Ninh: to^?ng sa?n pha^?m xa~ ho^.i (GDP) na(m 1998 ta(ng 11,9%
Na(m qua, to^?ng sa?n pha^?m xa~ ho^.i cu?a ti?nh Qua?ng Ninh ta(ng
11,9%, trong ddo' gia' tri.  sa?n xua^'t co^ng nghie^.p ta(ng 13%, no^ng
nghie^.p ta(ng 3,7%, ca'c nga`nh di.ch vu.  ta(ng 10,3%.  To^?ng kim
nga.ch XK ddi.a phu+o+ng ta(ng 13,9%.  To^?ng thu nga^n sa'ch tre^n
ddi.a ba`n dda.t 1.956 ty?  ddo^`ng, ta(ng 19%.  DDa^y la` na(m ti?nh
Qua?ng Ninh co' nhie^`u chi?  tie^u kinh te^' dda.t mu+'c cao nha^'t
tu+` tru+o+'c dde^'n nay.  Nhie^`u sa?n pha^?m co^ng nghie^.p ddi.a
phu+o+ng nhu+ thu?y sa?n, ddo^ng la.nh, bia, xi ma(ng, ga.ch nung... 
va^~n ta(ng tru+o+?ng tu+` 15,3 - 136%.  Rie^ng nga`nh thu?y sa?n dda.t
gia' tru+` kim nga.ch XK 145% ke^' hoa.ch na(m. 

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