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Die^.n kie^'n ba'c Tuan V. Nguyen

Cha`o ca? nha`,

Ho^m kia tui ddu+o+.c ha^n ha.nh ga(.p va` no'i chuye^.n vo+'i ba'c Tua^'n nha` ta 
. Kho^ng ngo+` ba'c Tua^'n vu+`a tra('ng tre?o, dde.p trai, tre? trung, cu+o+`ng 
tra'ng vu+`a ra^'t thoa?i ma'i va` no'i chuye^.n co' duye^n nu+~a ! Tru+o+'c ddo' 
tui cu+' hi`nh dung ba'c la` mo^.t professor dda.o ma.o, lu'c na`o cu~ng chau ma`y 
. Hy vo.ng ca'c ba'c ga'i ga(.p ba'c a^'y cu~ng cu`ng co' ca?m xu'c nhu+ tui .


Tro.ng Hoa`ng 

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