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Thanh Hai vo thuong su

Hi all,

Cuo^'i tua^`n vu+`a ro^`i T. de^'n cho+i o+? nha` mo^.t ngu+o+`i
ba.n, T tha^'y ca? nha` he^'t lo`ng tho+` ki'nh mo^.t ngu+o+`i
da`n ba` Vie^.t Nam ma` ho. go.i la` Pha^.t. T. ho?i te^n thi`
ho. cho bie^'t la` Thanh Ha?i vo^ thu+o+.ng su+... Ho. ke^? ve^`
"su+ phu." vo+'i nhu+~ng ca^u chuye^.n nghe ra^'t hoang du+o+`ng.
Va^.y ne^'u ba'c na`o trong la`ng bie^'t ve^` ngu+o+`i na`y thi`
vui lo`ng cho T. bie^'t tin. Ca?m o+n.


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