Sean M. McNee, Ph.D.
University of Minnesota

About Me

I am the Computing Research Scientist at Attenex Corporation where I perform basic and applied research in visual analytics, information filtering/retrieval, data mining, user modeling, computer-supported cooperative work, and human-computer interaction.

I received my Ph.D. from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Minnesota--Twin Cities. I was (am) a member of GroupLens Research where I performed research in the areas of recommender systems, user modeling, and human-computer interaction.

Projects included:

Advisor: Professor Joseph A. Konstan.

If you'd like to see a concrete example of the kind of research that GroupLens performs, please visit MovieLens, our online movie recommender system. MovieLens uses collaborative filtering to generate personalized movie recommendations based on the movie ratings you tell it.

Both my curriculum vitae and a research statement are available for download. Last updated: 5 June 2006.

In my past I have done crazy things like: play bass guitar in the 'dance-pop quartet' called The Traces, studied long form improv comedy at the Brave New Institute, and gone away to internships at such places as Microsoft and UIR at (the formally Xerox) PARC.


Here is a listing of my research publications. For more papers about recommender systems, please see the GroupLens publications webpage.


Sean M. McNee. "Meeting User Information Needs in Recommender Systems". Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. June 2006. [Download PDF]

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