About Me

I am a PhD student in the Computer Science and Enginneering department at the University of Minnesota on the Twin Cities campus. My focus is on Computer Graphics.

Current Research

I am working under Dr. Baoquan Chen. My main research interests are Visualization, particularly with regard to the effect of perceptual issues on visualization effectiveness, and outdoor scanning. My scanning work is in association with the 3D scanning project.

Publication List:

  • Hui Xu, Nathan Gossett, and Baoquan Chen, Knowledge-Based Modeling of Laser-Scanned Trees, SIGGRAPH 2005 Sketches
  • Nathan Gossett and Baoquan Chen, Self-Animating Line Textures, Technical Report
  • Nathan Gossett and Baoquan Chen, Paint Inspired Color Compositing, Technical Report
    Expanded version of Infovis paper below with additional implimentation details and expanded discussion. Special thanks to Pesal Koirala for pointing out an error in the purple coordinate in Figure 3. The current version is corrected.
  • Nathan Gossett and Baoquan Chen, Paint Inspired Color Mixing and Compositing for Visualization, IEEE InfoVis 2004, Austin, Texas, Oct 10-12, 2004
  • Hui Xu, Nathan Gossett, and Baoquan Chen, PointWorks: Abstraction and Rendering of Sparsely Scanned Outdoor Environments, Proceedings of the 2004 Eurographics Symposium on Rendering (EGSR'04). Norrköping, Sweden, Jun 21-23, 2004

Nathan Gossett

Contact info:

Email: gossett@cs.umn.edu

Work Phone: 612.625.0365

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