Minneapolis Trip:
a photo journal

Ed H. Chi

November, 2000

Trip home

This old house was my home.
No trip home would be complete without a visit.

Espresso Royale

was where I spent a large amount of my
This trip included.

Oh, it was good to throw pots again.
Birchwood Cafe

is fast becoming a regular hang out for
Sarah and I.

I made dinner.

I hardly ever make dinner for myself anymore.
But cooking for other people is ...


Brook was very tired.
He woke up occasionally.
But T-money and I have a good talk.

Ha!  We didn't need him.

It was going to be D-money's birthday.
as a journey
is unforgiving.

It's up to you to take advantage of it.

So it's our responsibility to notice
the beauty
in every single moment.
That includes
silliness like making a song out of
Or spending time with
your best friends.

Even if he looks like he's about to give you

Or a good game like
pinning the tail on the donkey's
Temporary paths
may become permanent marks.

So walk on home.

It's where comfort lies.

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