“Continue in the direction of the Pyramids”, said the alchemist. “And continue to pay heed to the omens. Your heart is still capable of showing you where the treasure is.” - Paulo Coelho


Short Bio

I obtained my PhD at UMN in January 2013 under Prof. Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos. I am currently a postdoctoral researcher in the LEAR team at INRIA, Grenoble under Dr. Cordelia Schmid and work closely with Dr. Julien Mairal and Dr. Karteek Alahari. My PhD thesis addressed problems related to similarity search in large visual databases via machine learning techniques.

Prior to joining UMN, I worked as a sofware design engineer for over five years, of which the last three years I had spent at Microsoft Corporation in the Windows Vista development team. My industrial experience goes into the development of compilers, operating systems, distributed computing, network protocol stacks and realtime systems.

I finished my M.S. in computer science (with specialization in machine learning and robotics) in April 2010 from UMN. I did my bachelors (honors) in computer science and engineering at National Institute of Technology, Calicut, India in 2002.  

Research Interests

I am interested in almost all areas of computer vision and machine learning, along with a strong interest in machine learning for robotics. A few of my research tools are dictionary learning/sparse coding, Bayesian reasoning, and convex optimization. Some problems that I am currently working on are:

Selected Publications (full-list here)

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