GroupLens Research

Department of Computer Science
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

About Me

I am a second-year computer science PhD student with GroupLens Research at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. I am currently working with Haiyi Zhu and Loren Terveen to understand the behaviors of online users and their interactions in the Peer Production and Shared Economy systems using statistical models and machine learning algorithms.


May 2016
Will join Microsoft Research FUSE Labs this summer! Very excited about my second internship and the summer in Seattle!

February 2015
Very excited to join the IBM Research Center at Yorktown Heights, New York this summer for my first internship! Will be working on social media data analysis! Really appreciate the offers from the Google Hangout team and the Enterprise Resource Planning team of Microsoft!


CSCW 2017
Yu, B., Ren, Y., Terveen, L., and Zhu, H. Predicting Member Productivity and Withdrawal from Pre-Joining Attachments in Online Production Groups. In Review of CSCW 2017.

CSCW 2017
Lin, Y., Yu, B., Hall, A., and Hecht, B. Problematizing and Addressing the Article-as-Concept Assumption in Wikipedia. In Review of CSCW 2017.

RecSys 2016
Nguyen, T., Yu, B., and Konstan, J. I Like vs. I Consume -- Two Different Measures of User Satisfaction with Recommendation Lists. In Review of RecSys 2016.