Social Networks visualization sw
Pajek, ZoomGraph

A good XSL tutorial collection:
Jeni's XSLT Pages

A parent's guide to Linux Web filtering
Talks about how to setup squid, iptables, and Dan's Guardian to build a tight web-filter. Here's the link

Statistically Speaking...

hisfit function in Matlab plots both the histogram and the envelope of a normal distribution that is maximum-likelihood (ML) for the given data.

Dec 01, 03 Group Decision Making Through Mediated Discussions -Mathias Bauer, Dietmar Dengler
Addresses few issues on group preferences..

July 30, 03
Feature Preparation in Text Categorization . [local copy name:]
Good introductory reviews on bunch of text categorization models and links to 'phrase'- feature selection tools. Useful comments too.
Weighting schemes covered include binary feature (BI), term frequency (TF), TFIDF, logTFIDF.
Useful pointers:
Brillís transformation-based part of speech tagger,
Ramshaw & Marcusís noun phrase chunking detector, ....

MS sw stuff: e-academy page

Latex Stuff:
Hmm, before I forget; I use the following command-sequence: latex blah.tex; dvips -t letter blah.dvi; ps2pdf
Great helpful stuff>>

Dmalloc page
  Use this library to replace conventionl malloc(), free(), and so on; check for memory leaks; ...
  check the logFile for ERROR/WARNING
  A typical environmental var setting:
  setenv DMALLOC_OPTIONS log-trans,log-stats,check-fence,check-heap,check-funcs,log=logfile

Mcheck, an alternative of dmalloc
Very easy. Just one call of mtrace(), and life is good!
I've used it in voiceFrmwork, and analyzed with the cmd-line tool mtrace:
  mtrace bin/vcIIValGrp logfile

C-dissection ~~~
# Allocate memory for an array inside a function that received the array as a param?
void theFn(,.., myStructType **stP)
  myStructType *temp; //temp is an array of structures
  temp = (myStructType*)malloc(..);

Now when you want to call this fn:
  myStructType *stP; //stP is an array of structures

# Initialize random number generator:

Gnuplot Tutorials..
without plots , with exapmle plots , the official doc.

CVS note
-- From Cygwin
  export CVS_RSH=ssh
If the files you want to install in CVS reside in `WDIR', and you want them to appear in the repository as `$CVSROOT/yoyodyne/RDIR', you can do this:
  $ cd WDIR
  $ cvs import -m "Imported sources" yoyodyne/RDIR yoyo start

- Copy the 'results.xsl' with tag 1.45 from the HEAD:
  cvs update -r 1.45 results.xsl

- Or, to copy the 'results.xsl' from the branch 'VOICE_EXPT':
  cvs update -r VOICE_EXPT results.xsl

- Using tkdiff to check difference between the local 'widgets.xsl' with that of in the HEAD that has the tag 1.10 (exclude white spaces while doing so):
  tkdiff -r 1.10 -w standard/widgets.xsl

Remote X connection with Cygwin/X
From within cygwin/X,
  DISPLAY=localhost:0.0 ssh -Y
Many useful tips here:

Eclipse tidbits

OK. Let's go {home}

Elementary Matrix Algebra I often don't remember.

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